Arken optics EP5 5-25x56 The best value long range scope?

Published 2023-12-03
Chinese riflescopes shouldn't be this good..

Here I give the EP5 some preliminary testing with the idea that if its good enough ill fit it onto a new PRS / ARL rifle that I'm building over the winter.

It took a slightly unexpected turn and gave me an existential crisis.. Its now going to stay fitted on my AirArms xti50 for the foreseeable future. It performed well above my expectations and will now be on my main target rifle. its too good to be on my spare..

this is a Chinese made scope with Japanese ed glass.

Its far from perfect and i discuss some minor shortcomings but optically and mechanically it looks and feels superb. i guess long term we will see how well it performs and if any problems arise but to say I'm surprised is an understatement.