I Tested Dumb Life Hacks to see if they work

Published 2020-08-05

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  • Emmanuel Tembo
    I love how she doesn’t flex even though she’s rich she’s so humble and Entertaining
  • can we all just have a moment to just love her because she gave herself a splinter just too show us a hack that is how good she is
  • instantboba
    don’t worry lia, i love your dress. it’s so cute
  • Penelope Taber
    Loved watching her try the hacks! Looked so fun to try some of them! 😄
  • lizard girl
    let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Lia gave herself a splinter for the sole purpose of this video.
  • Amy_ BTS
    Sssniperwolf: that's not an ice cream that's a thicc boy

    Everybody: ThE mOrE yOu KnOw
  • I’m imagining her neighbor walking by Lia’s window and see’s her casually petting a cutting board 😂
  • Lia: “We don’t have a popsicle stick so we are going to shove a plastic fork in there.”
    Also Lia: Breaks off the frozen coke and exposes a plastic KNIFE.
  • April Bartlett
    I love how she
    Is so funny and doesn't brag she is always polite to anyone and is always positive too!!!😊
  • _ L.i.l.y _
    I think anything Lia wears is beautiful, I like her because she cares about her fans and doesn’t flex and stuff, she entertaining:)
  • Zaniyah Day
    can we just take a moment to talk about her style it is absolutely GORGUSE
  • can we all just appreciate that she got a splinter just to entertain us-
  • Idhya’s world
    I love her bc she doesn't flex her money in our face ☺️
  • JellyCat
    You can also pour warm water around the cup and it usually ( for me ) will slide right off :) hope this helps
  • Evelyne
    Can we take a moment to appreciate lia? She literally got a splinter ON PURPOSE just for US!
  • Ben Playz
    I just love how her cup says “Internet Famous” lol
  • GamingKitty125
    SniperWolf: *Pounds the Pineapple on her counter*
    Her neighbors: Well here she goes again-
  • FairyFromHell
    i love lia's todays outfit and hairstyle(the one she wears while testing hacks)