Mortal Combat (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

Published 2022-05-12
In a heavyweight showdown, a rhino and a buffalo get brutal on the battlefield. A grizzly bear sniffs out some cougar cubs for lunch — until their mom gets in the way and the big cat goes up against the much larger bear to protect her babies. In India, a mongoose takes on a cobra in a surprising battle for survival. Claws and fangs clash when some of the world’s most awesome animals engage in all-out warfare.

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About Animal Fight Night:
Animal Fight Night features same-species battles between some of the biggest and baddest fighters of the animal kingdom, and some of the most surprising, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl.

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National Geographic Wild is a place for all things animals and for animal-lovers alike. Take a journey through the animal kingdom with us and discover things you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals!

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Mortal Combat (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

Nat Geo Wild

All Comments (21)
  • Keely Johnson
    We love National Geographic so much we could never express in words how much it means to everyone for everyone to support these types of works
  • deuce
    the turtle segment is pure comedy 😂 bro was stuck on his shell helpless, watching hurt 😂😂
  • Henry Sniper
    And the mother cougar is so much smaller than some of the massive male cougars , that was amazing.
  • anime uploads
    When u realize someone literally got in the water with a Nile crocodile and hippos plus they actually captured a grizzly and mountain lion fighting just to educate us and keep us entertained big ups to u guys thank you
  • illusive_nezzy88
    I love this so much please do a part two! I can watch this all day
  • Jose Varela
    What a heroic defense of her cubs made the cougar mom. Loved it!
  • i’ve always wanted to know how they get such close amazing video footage it’s unreal

    like the snake and mongoose footage it’s unbelievable
  • Hisstoryfilms
    “All he could do is look on humiliated as the victor claims his reward”… 😂 he was stuck on the side of his shell looking helpless.
  • s/o to the mother cougar, your love for your children was beautiful to see, especially when I see human mothers who wont even defend like this...even fathers...I mean that was something else...
  • Calvin Dirette
    I can’t believe they just showed that tortoise hitting it from the back like that 🤣🤣
  • B W
    The turtle segment is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.
  • takl sux
    the arsenal of weaponry, the tactics, the engagement pressed by an urgency, the primal intent to disable ... like you don't play boxing, nature don't play. there is much to learn within these segments, very much to learn
  • M Manning
    The turtle segment is hilarious😂
  • Cathy T
    I love how the cougar mom gave the bear that last claw smack on the grizzlys rump. Shes a badass. I didnt realize hippos had such large teeth. .18" WOW!
  • Dietrich Williams
    Imagine being 250lbs, fighting off, a bear weighing 1500lbs!, She definitely held her own!!!
  • Can't believe the cameraman can get this close to a bear and a cougar. True armor and shield, that camera.
  • Props to the Cougar for not backing down! It did some damage biting the ear and scratching the Bears face..
  • PinonXO
    Dude made a turtle fight seem EPIC 😂😂😂😂😂😂