England vs. Iran Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Published 2022-11-21
England and Iran faced off in the World Cup. Jude Bellingham scored in the 35th minute. Bellingham is only 19 years old and is partaking in his World Cup debut this season. England’s Raheem Sterling and Bukayo Saka found the net for a second and third time in the 43rd and 45th minutes to increase England’s lead to 3-0. The scoring didn’t stop there as Bukayo Saka would score again in the 62nd minute. Iran showed some life and notched their first goal of the World Cup in the 65th minute via Mehdi Taremi. Jack Grealish added a goal which marked six total for England. Iran would add a penalty kick later and the score would end up 6-2 in favor of England.

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England vs. Iran Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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All Comments (21)
  • Antonio Lona
    5 minute highlights for an 8 goal game. We need extended highlights
  • amy b
    My favorite line from the commentator today:
    “Sometimes when the England team goes out they just looks like 11 lads on the field. Not today.”
  • Mira Gowaikar
    im from the US but im rly happy for saka especially after the euros! both goals by him were amazing so big props to him! well done to the rest of the England team as well :)
  • John Palacios
    That Bellingham pass for the 6th was special. Dude ran the show. Amazing player
  • Drsamw Pepper
    England scored more goals in this game alone then they did in all their nations league matches.
  • class from England - reminded me of a younger Germany and with the possession from Spain - promising from this talented squad - and they really coudn't have a better Captain - Harry Kane really helps this team celebrate together and work together on their goals, you can see it in him how he always promotes teamwork and validation in the pitch ; as the commentator said " England's best defense might be through their offense "
  • Vu dat
    Takahashi leaves behind an amazing legacy. He created so many of the powerful cards we had as kids, but showed how powerful his dedication to helping others was, even though it cost him his life. RIP Takahashi; you could've sat on the sidelines and lived life easily, but you chose to risk your own to help 3 others live theirs. Cheers mate
  • Ngo kiet
    That hand feeling no one can explain it that everyone has been through
  • WaynADB
    Huge respect for the Iranian players not singing their national anthem in solidarity
  • Hoai khai
    the cutscene with sindri after what happened to brok made me feel bad for him. hopefully sindri realizes that he still has people who care about him and that they're not going to just up and leave him to deal with his pain alone. poor sindri..
  • JayCFC
    Great stuff from Saka and Bellingham today. England absolutely dominated Iran and gave them no chance.
  • At the end of the match that has to be the most painless penalty ever conceded in a world cup
  • Ho thuong
    05:35 Let's just appreciate how much effort and time he puts in these videos to make our day huge respect! :-)
  • karen A.
    Congratulations guys! Saludos a todos y que viva el Mundial❤❤❤
  • what a game!...harry kane really something else...that pass to sterling was just wow. Kane was so involved. Great win
  • Antoine Kelly
    Im honestly impressed by the work and time you put into these videos, keep it up!
  • dashboy
    Bellingham is absolutely immense , Kane with fast wingers is absolutely needed as well !
  • Dinh truc
    Its impossible to believe that he is gone. Every time I hear his voice in an old video, I feel sadder then ever. But it is nice knowing that he has gone to a better place after a year of suffering and fighting cancer. May he rest in piece. Fly high Techno :P
  • Trinh an
    The Harry Potter quote and saying she can do what she wants now has me crying, seeing how relived and free she feels. In a world so full of bad endings I'm so happy that, by the looks of things, she got the good one <3