U.S.P.S. To Make 50% Of New Generation Delivery Vehicles ALL ELECTRIC | Increased From Initial 10%

Published 2022-09-01
We Hate To Tell You WE TOLD YOU SO, However In This Segment, Keith And Jay Discuss Why The USPS Has Announced That Now It Will Commit 50% of its Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV) To Be ALL ELECTRIC. This Comes After The USPS Had Stated Earlier In The Year That It Would Only Commit To A Much Lower Number Of These New Delivery Vehicles. Initially They Were Only Going to Commit 10% And Then Later Increased That Number To 20% All Electric Vehicles. Since That Initial Commitment, 16 States Have Introduced Lawsuits Pertaining To The Very Inefficiently Designed NGDV From Contract Winner Oshkosh Defense. The U.S. Postal Service Says It Expects It's NGDV To Begin Deliveries In Late 2023.

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