Afghanistan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published 2022-08-14

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  • T S
    “Things are going worse than you may know” should be the official slogan of this show.
  • Andrew Donnelly
    My company was subcontracted last year to give aid to Afghan refugees. Let me tell you that this was human suffering unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. I'm a grown ass man and i still tear up when I think about the absolute horror stories that were shared with us. On a brighter note, i showed the afghans respect and they gave it back ten fold. Absolutely amazing people. And if you're not acquainted with Afghanistan's history and culture i highly recommend the reading. Absolutely fascinating.
  • I can't express enough my appreciation for John Oliver's and his staff's work.
  • Rusty Shackleford
    I just want to say I know that there's a lot of shake up's going on at HBO MAX and there canceling alot of shows 📺 right now but I hope this show keeps going on for many years because nobody else is talking about the things he's talking about God Bless him
  • Momchil Piralkov
    "The math doesn't work" line described the situation perfectly. Also the woman saying "your sanctions will kill us faster than the Taliban restrictions"
  • A_
    I always, always learn something important, at least a few strategic facts if not a game-changer, when I watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Thanks for what you folks do! It's important.
  • Layla
    I work in refugee resettlement in the US and for the past year, I have worked exclusively with Afghans. What a year it has been. I was talking with one of my clients today, an 18--year old girl and she said "it was one year ago the taliban took over Kabul. It was a normal school day for us. I had a math test. I still don't know how I did on the test." I couldn't help but laugh because her humor was dark but she coped with it and her, along with the hundreds other I've been working with this year, are wonderful people. Thank you for highlighting Afghanistan.
  • HokiePitcher22
    I cant help but wonder what happened to some of the afghans that I served beside back in 2010 and 2012. Not just the ANA guys we trained and who fought alongside of us, but the terps who risked their lives (and their family's lives) to help us. The visa program was/is an absolute mess, a bureaucratic nightmare of a process. I'm sure they didn't all get out beforehand. One of our biggest fuck ups, in my opinion, was the fact that we left a bunch of our HIDE (biometric scanners) devices behind, giving Taliban access to the private info of pretty much EVERY single Afghan citizen who assisted ISAF and American forces in the last 2 decades. There is a 100% chance the Taliban have used that information to punish these people, if not kill them. It breaks my heart.
  • Adam James
    "Doing nothing" isn't "A swing and a miss." It's "Watching a strike go by."
  • Matt_Cummins
    Great, great piece, John. Brilliant summing up of this horrifying, heartbreaking and heinous situation. Thank you.
  • Jazzzzz
    It breaks my heart to think about. I can't even imagine the absolute hell they live in. Even the service people who believed they were sent there to help people have to see it was all for power and greed now, not for anyone's safety or democracy. It's a staggering failure if you think we went for those reasons, but if you think about who profited- they got what they wanted out of the conflict. They always do. And everyone else paid the price for it. I'm dreading another class because I'm burnt out, but other girls and women can no longer dream of going to school. I can't even imagine how hopeless that feels, and not enough men over there see it as a problem
  • That baby. 😭 Just the whole scene. The whole situation. We still need to work to get people who helped Aotearoa New Zealand out. We have let them down so hugely. And it's heart breaking.
  • Max Maxy
    As an Afghanistan citizen, I really appreciate your show and showing what is going on in my country.
    Thank you so much
  • Tommy Woodyard
    Was a student in a diplomacy Masters for three months last year and became so disheartened about the apathy surrounding me when it came to see U.S. positions on various human atrocities around the globe and how diplomacy didn't seem to solve anything that I left (there were other logistical reasons to but that was a factor as well); I'd watched the mental health and monkeypox videos posted from two weeks and last week but wasn't so sure if I liked this show enough to keep watching. To see the fervor that John has in resolving issues - as incremental as it may be to fully solving them - has made me a fan for life of his show. So long as you keep posting, I'll keep watching! Take care until next week, John and the HBO staff
  • Khatera Sultani
    Thank you so much for being the voice of the Afghan people. Things are going worse than you may know please DO NOT forget us!🙏🙏
  • Rushil N
    This is too heartbreaking for us to actually comprehend what's happening to this people.
  • Jeffrey Carman
    I appreciate this show for addressing the tough topics. Doing nothing does seem to be the most politically easy course of action, so I hope we get some courageous people in power who are willing to thread that needle.
    By withholding aid and resources, not only will the US be directly responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions, but by cutting off those innocents, we probably will foment more anti-west sentiment in the region, which could drive more people to acts of terroristic violence.
  • Ardalan Shojaei
    Wow that was so powerful. John you are giving voice to the... I was going to say voiceless / unrepresented but it's even worst than that... The misrepresented. Amazing, you and team should be proud of yourselves to cover so much of these important topics
  • Evan McMaster
    I just wanna say that man who sold his kidney to feed his daughter's is an incredible father. im honestly speechless...
  • tsp1der
    I like how the doctors are saying they budgeted to keep their salary but have $0 to buy supplies and necessary medical equipment.
    The equipment heals the patient, all the doctor does is put it in the right spot and how much of it to use, if there is no medication then all they are some dudes with a really good theory on how to keep you alive but can’t run any tests