Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS | Collaboration Trailer

Published 2024-07-08
AUTOBOTS, you know what to do!

The fight for Cybertron is coming to a Future Earth near you with Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS. Stand strong with the heroic AUTOBOTS, or face them alongside the evil leader of the DECEPTICONS.

Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS arrives in-game July 9.

Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC!

Our newest collaboration is More Than Meets The Eye.

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All Comments (21)
  • @DarkFusion45
    At this point... whoever cooked this animation NEEDS A MASSIVE RAISE
  • @enjoygary
    This is just proof we need a high budget Transformers anime
  • @guy_who_games
    Imagine if rein turned into a truck when he charged
  • The animators backs must be exhausted from carrying this game for the last 2 years
  • I... am Optimus Primehardt. And I send this message to any surviving Autowatch members. Live with honor, and die with glory.
  • @TheHellsingHQ
    When a 1:21 beautifully animated trailer gives you more happiness and excitement than a two year run of OW "2". The animators did a fantastic job with this!
    If I don’t hear the transforming sound everytime I use nemesis form with this skin imma riot
  • @Implantedtag975
    $20 says there will a be a voiceline saying “Overwatch, roll out!”
  • @lucastaylor417
    Ok Blizzard, hear me out: Starscream/Junkrat: aka JunkScream. You know, deep in your heart, that spiritually Junkrat and Starscream are connected.
  • @MeGusta444
    This one minute ad was animated better than the entirety of Seven Deadly Sins ong
  • I swear if rimattra doesn't have the Transforming sound effect when he goes into nemesis form I will destroy my PC. Edit. He has some sound effect, but I would have preferred a more pronounced transformation sound.
  • @roddsss9716
    This the first time in a long time that me and my wallet are gonna have a long conversation