60 Minutes of INSANE NFL Highlights

Published 2022-02-17

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  • @superyid2010
    Never, and I MEAN never, forget how much of a beast Marshawn Lynch was!
  • That Steve Young run (I believe), at 3:58 , is insane. You could literally feellllll, the exertion on that final lunge!!! Go Billz!!!
  • Seattle Seahawks fan here. DK Metcalf running basically the entire field to catch Budda Baker was freakishly insane speed....and what can I say about beastmode but what an awesome run !
  • @RevenantEternal
    Diggs, sideline, touchdown. One of the best calls to go with one of the best plays in playoff history.
  • @MotoEvyn93
    That Buff vs Tenn highlight was the most forward pass I ever seen.
  • My goodness Joe Buck comments on the most incredible plays in NFL history like a bingo caller in a nursing home.
  • @mizztouchdown487
    As a Seahawks fan, knowing that one play that’ll break your heart 😩
  • @chaseklein774
    Michael Vicks throw at 48:00 mark with the velocity it has is just unreal. I don’t think you’ll see another play for awhile who could throw it as quick as vick. He’s definitely one of the best
  • @littlesirenboy
    I'll never forget that Harrison interception. I was 12 years old and it's one of the first solid memories I have watching Pittsburgh sports. The same goes for the Penguins Stanley Cup run that year.
  • @777komikazy
    The moment you realize how tough it is being a Lions fan when their entire collection of positive highlights were decade(s) old footage of Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and black and white footage from the 50s.
  • @Just_Pele
    Barry Sanders could have his own 1 hour video of nothing but highlights. The man was superhuman. 20
  • @security864
    Richard Sherman talking about Crabtree is one of the greatest highlights of all time. What a legend lol
  • @Tollerah93
    1:14 man, I feel so bad for Larry Fitzgerald. Even as a 49er fan I gotta say, that man deserved AT LEAST 1 ring. But he had the talent for multiple. I wish I could give him the tools that AZ has now.
  • @louisskulnik7390
    I am a Saints fan but I give mad props to Beastmode. He beat us fair and square. He is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.
  • Watched every play. Great list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together!
  • @EmptyNamesHD
    I love how they couldn’t just leave Richardson Sherman’s pick in there by itself. They had to include the interview.
  • @KrakenKid
    That thumbnail is just everything.
    Erin's look, the guy in background, the framing, it's truly a piece of art.