A Pre Drywall Inspection

Published 2018-04-13
A Pre drywall inspection video taken for a friend.

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  • Victor Rivera
    I also notice the cuts for the HVAC and exhaust vent don't meet the requirement as per the TJI manufacture and are two in the same joist
  • Nancy Reynolds
    Our pre drywall inspection is coming up next week and you covered so many things that now I will have a clear understanding of what I am looking at. Bravo!!
  • Daniel Son
    This is awesome I have my pre drywall coming up next week as well with lennar 😎
  • chillscape
    Those holes in the I joists for the HVAC are much greater than 1/3 of the height and too close to the edges, wouldn't that cause sag and compromise structural integrity?
  • John Powell
    Very nice clean job site. Looks like someone cares
  • Robert Forester
    how many inspections you got in US, thats crazy.. seems like 10 inspections till finished house, in sweden you have 2....
  • Richard Thomas
    I joist are shot no way they meet their engineered streinght with those holes
  • 440HP
    You have a huge house. Where is this? Texas?
  • F S
    I did not want to comment and this is not the narrators fault or issue but this is not a great job, I can only presume this is a pre-inspection punch list narrated for training purposes? You cannot put holes that size or location through the beams it is effectively cut in two, a lot of what is shown is incomplete or not to code. For standard beams you can only get away with holes in the first 1/3 of joist and if it is the middle 1/3 of its mass! The energy efficiency claims are bogus, hint.. you should not be able to see daylight anywhere to the outside. There is no way the electrical passed with all the missing plates..
  • Tublis Vaj
    Nail plate must protect every wire that goes through stud, front and back. It didn’t. I joint can’t be cut. And u allow ur hvac guy to cut for a 5” hole. Clearly u don’t have a clue. How the hell is that passed a plumber test. Ur 2” pipe drain in the bathroom must be a y not a t