Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 6, 2023

Published 2023-12-06
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All Comments (21)
  • @jimgaines6437
    We should never give one more dime to the Israeli government
  • @rapier1954
    Bernie gives every reason for why a ceasefire ought to be called and then refuses to call for a ceasefire. What has happened to Bernie Sanders?
  • I've asked this before and I'll ask this again: Since when did Israel become our 51st state AND our Federal government? I didn't vote for this, nor do I think any American in their right mind would. End this foreign entity control NOW!
  • @VanessaVaile
    Why isn't AIPAC required to register a foreign agent? As a activist voter, I intend to vote against candidate accepting AIPAC support -- after publicly notifying of my intent and urging my networks to do likewise.
  • This is unbelievable. How can the world look at this and do nothing.
  • @elynoorzai9407
    I am very worried about the situation where are these poor people supposed to go. Why is the world so corrupt that no one truly cares as this innocent people get slaughtered.
  • I'm sorry it's hard to believe anything Isreal is talking about with the overkilling that is occurring right now. Victim card is getting old now.
  • @helenab7390
    Has America lost it's mind? Bloody hell...Bernie Saunders needs to call for a ceasefire...why won't he?
  • @lsd8497
    So "only" two civilians dead for one Hamas member (like the Hamas members have uniforms or signs on their foreheads). Truly... "unique", like the man said. Can anyone imagine a more sinister and cynical statement? Are these people much better than the nazies?
  • @michaelgnit8476
    Palestinian children have died in Israeli custody without a legal guardian, parent or lawyer present so what does that tell you?
  • @jammiebooker6489
    Imagine surviving during the Holocaust, then raising kids who grow up to use the word "Holocaust" to defend a genocide against another group of people.
  • @bensonplaugh186
    Anti-genocide and call for a ceasefire which will save lives on both sides, especially innocent Gazans, who are being wantonly murdered; in indescreminate bombing, including Israeli and Palestinian soldiers, is not antisemitic. It's pro-peace, pro-human rights.
  • It is cowardly & wrong for Congress to have the option of voting PRESENT. We taxpayers want & deserve to know the positions of the representatives we vote for.
  • @IamValentina66
    He refuses to call for a ceasefire fire so basically his words are meh meh meh meh.
  • @ApocryphalDude
    "Tremendously positive results" Civilians are the target
  • Just words by all these agencies,no one is helping Palestinians,the count does not include the injured who are not going to make it.
  • @juelix
    What good does it do to block visas for aggressive, illegal settlers—if many or most of them are U.S. citizens? They will still come and go, unimpeded. Another empty gesture, just like always.
  • @stitchintime5481
    Why isn't there an outrage against this genocide taking place in Gaza? Where are the United Nations? Why aren't they screaming at the top of their lungs against those Democratic nations who are committing this genocide?