Changing Always Starts With Choosing | May 8, 2022 | Rick Warren

Published 2022-05-08
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All Comments (18)
  • Windy Webb
    Thank you for your helping me & others each day ,through guidance through goodness , through the beauty of God's blessings of living & learning more each day & I love your good humor, it's always uplifting. God bless you Pastor Rick!
  • Sani Danford
    Praise God for the truth in your simple message. 🥰
  • Kelly Kim
    This is why we need pastor Rick 🙏🏻great and easy to follow and understand message
  • Please help me Lord, please help me everyday to free my mind, to focus what is good. Fill my mind with your love. In Jesus name.Amen
  • God's Promise
    It doesn’t matter what religion you belong, what matters is your HEART and your SOUL 💝
    Yes Jesus taught things and you don’t even have to believe he was alive. It’s the teachings that matter for us to make our own heaven on earth like it was intended to be.
    What do we have to do to achieve this?
    We ALL need to be active in being helpful kind compassionate forgiving unified equality thoughtful peaceful empathy and love in all aspects of our lives. We should be acting feeling thinking breathing speaking in our heart and soul.
    Walk the walk talk the talk like he did. It’s that simple. If your finding bad thoughts or actions creep in, catch them and change it to a positive or get family or professional help to work through them.

    The dead in Christ is the start of the Christ consciousness the awakening which began in 2012. The Bride was 33 then. The same age Christ died. Meeting Christ in the air implied the consciousness was all over the earth available for those hearts & souls opened to receive it.

    People who believe in the Bible, this is a hard pill to swallow but truth is always better out in the light than hidden from you. The Roman Empire has done some very bad things to make themselves more powerful and rich. This includes changes to the Bible. They have taken out the female and made her the bad one. They have changed genders from she’s to he’s. They mix lies within truths.
    The Old Testament god Yahweh Yaldabaeoth Samael Jehovah is Satan, the loving God is in the New Testament that does not murder or punish but forgives and loves is the Almighty God. Only someone evil will kill punish and have wrath. Judge people including people in the Bible by their actions. This is how you use discernment. Put these people in your mind as if it’s today, would you bow down to someone who is murdering first born babies?

    For earth to be balanced it needs harmony amongst people in all the good aspects I mentioned above. Care for the planet the water the plants and animals.

    When we live in love and not hate we don’t have sickness or diseases.
    Now isn’t this sound better than what we are living in now?

    When this goes out of wack Mother Nature gives us warnings, when we don’t adhere to them then there is a reset, a wipe out, start from scratch.
    We are coming close to this time. 2029 is our deadline. Start making changes NOW for our children’s sake Let us be our own kids saviors for them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Icey Red
    ESCE LA sa-=gGraduiteS //nd.D