MD vs. Machine: Artificial intelligence in health care

Published 2019-04-19
Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way doctors practice medicine. Can medical data actually improve health care? At this seminar, Harvard Medical School scientists and physicians will discuss how AI assists doctors in diagnosing disease, determining the best treatments and predicting better outcomes for their patients.

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  • @markshina3511
    My department chairman was an expert in melanoma. This chairman sent the same specimen to ten different pathologists and received multiple different levels and multiple different thicknesses as the “final diagnosis.”
  • @karimfares2122
    شكرا على الفيديو من الجزائر
    Thanks for this explanation I hope that the medecine will be better in the future and exploite the technolgie of AI
  • @abebealemu5420
    Thank you very much. this gives me great input for my PHD research on Computational intelligence and optimal control on Health center domain.
  • @kf4547
    Thanks for the opening a new field in the medicine! So exciting to understand the future prospect technologies
  • Thank for providing these amazing content for free for people like me who doesn't afford money for these kind of quality education, for us this YouTube channel very much helpful....
    .Lots of love and gratitude from India 😍 😍
  • @michaelnoga76
    Thank you for speaking and I hope I can help with your objective. I pray for success, much love from Michael Noga
  • @mansoorsyed8216
    this a good seminar... but I think Stanford is way ahead in AI-ML compared to Harvard
  • Her saying: ''It is said that intelligence is what makes us human & AI extends our humanity''
  • @mariamiry6459
    hey folks, all present in these seminars,
    did you get the actual tests/ vaccines for you and your families ?
    are you personally part in his "synthetic biology" global experiment connecting Ai with "human biology "
    collecting DATA ( human serum) for
    "the future of the science " ???
  • @justluthra
    so how to get admission in "Artificial intelligence in health care" ??
  • can we just take Harvard assisted MD and AI colleges to make it global.

    giving world class education to everyone around

    Harvard will have the upper hand

  • @satpalkumar5549
    How can i learn Artificial intelligence to develop diagnostic machine?
  • @DJ-lo8qj
    The way at 1:08:40 he says “and frankly, some people view them (medical images) as their intellectual property”
    Sounds like he’s frustrated by this 🤔
  • @medipuzzle
    The people in third world countries think AI as something too far away, but certainly with data science backed with AI, it is set to change the way medicine is practiced throughout the world
  • @sandrabayes7986
    Thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention! One aspect not addressed is the ability of Artificial Intelligence to self learn. I may not have reached all of the comments by all of the speakers since i am at prior to half way point. Also follow what Elon Musk is doing in regard to AI and self learning!