Food Theory: Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!

Published 2023-03-14
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Logan Paul and KSI’s new business endeavor, Prime, is taking the world by STORM as the official sports hydration drink of the UFC and Arsenal fútbol club. People of all ages are loving the flavorful taste. But there’s something off about the whole thing. Is it actually healthy? And can this REALLY be better than Gatorade? Let’s break down everything you need to know about Prime!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri) and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrBeast
    1:08 that’s not accurate, we did way more then that lol
  • @Lionfire42
    I find it hilarious how MatPat, usually trying to be neutral and/or encouraging party, absolutely draws a line at Logan Paul.
  • @Omchiwich
    logan paul definitely forced matpat to unlist this
  • @Hedgehog200
    Also just want to add that sugar in sports drinks is a positive. It allows the electrolytes process a lot faster. Thus why most sport drink companies have more sugar than prime.
  • Just a shout out to the editors, they absolutely killed it with the graphics this episode. Fantastic fantastic job.
  • Calories and sugar in a sports drink shouldn't be overlooked. While Prime with only 2 grams of sugar and 20 calories may sound like the better option (which it can be in specific cases such as during strict diets) the sugars and calories in traditional sports drinks like gatorade and powerade are essential for athletes. Athletes during strenuous activity need to refuel and simple sugars that can be quickly digested are great for that function. You also mentioned this in the NBA PB&J video. I think that as a sports drink Prime not only fails in terms of its electrolyte balance and in terms of refueling athletes with energy (Calories).
  • @Kevin-gg2bl
    With gatorade's ratio, it was almost like a doctor specifically studied and created a formula to help with rehydration
  • Funny thing about Gatorade and Powerade is that if you are drinking it just to drink it, yes, it will taste salty (when I first tried it when I was a child I thought it tasted like watered down fruit juice). But after a solid work out, or running half way through a half marathon, Gatorade and Powerade taste delicious! And the need of that sodium is huge if you work in a hot warehouse in the summers and you are constantly sweating.
  • @TimeBucks
    Its good to see the actual measurements behind them
  • @smugboi_
    I was seriously not expecting them to go THAT hard on testing different drinks LMAO Edit: No I'm not a new fan lol it's just that they about doubled what I expected
  • @Michael_Galgano
    Why is this video unlisted? As a parent I told others to search for this video as it is a great breakdown regarding Prime not being healthy for you only to find it not on the channel. Thankfully Google had a post with a link to this video.
  • I’d also like to add that the higher sugar in Gatorade and Powerade are good for quick energy since simple sugars are the easiest ones for your body to use.
  • Another thing I've noticed in sports drinks, they taste different when you drink them after exercising, than when you drink them casually. Gatorade and Powerade don't have much of a taste before exercising, but after they have a stronger (and in my opinion, better) taste. To be fair, I haven't tried many others, but I know others who say the same thing at least.
  • @zeroth88
    Sugar is actually really important to the rehydration and replenishing process. Gatorade/Powerade may have too much sugar, but Prime has WAY too little to be anywhere near as effective as Gatorade and Powerade in most circumstances
  • The reason Gatorade is so close to what you actually need is probably because theyve had years to do research and experimentation.
  • @suenzhong7891
    One of the first thing I learnt as a kid about sport drinks was that these drinks should contain salt to replace the salt that the human body loses through sweat. When I saw Prime had low sodium I immediately knew it would be a poor sport drink. I'm curious to try it for the flavour though and I'll probably buy a bottle if it ever exports to my country.
  • @spectrekp5888
    The moment Steph said she didn't like it, my immediate thought was Stevia, or something similar as an artificial sweetener. This is likely where all the potassium comes from.
  • @TheCatholicNerd
    That's why you should get a sports drink made by a physician for a university rather than by an influencer for money and clout
  • @Ritz0201
    I’ve always thought that having more calories in a sports drink is better because you’re replenishing the calories you’re losing. Also, Gatorade tastes salty when you don’t need to drink it, but sweet after you’ve had an extreme amount of exercise because you need the salt.