"Stunning" New Devblog Released | War Thunder Roadmap

Published 2024-04-17
I really dont get why people want this...

Special thanks to @DonutWithMustache @WalvisYT @ZoltanSultan for helping me figure out a title and thumbnail. I was drawing a massive blank.

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00:00 - Intro
2:00 - More Internal Modules
5:40 - Stuns
9:25 - Survery
12:38 - Crew Compartment Fires
13:10 - Automatic Crew Healing
13:45 - My Thoughts
16:14 - Outro

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  • @SteelxWolf
    Gonna try this again, YT keeps removing or not even publishing comments. I posted a pinned comment that STILL hasnt showed up. So if you commented and it hasn’t showed up I’m terribly sorry. Its not even showing up on my YT studio to verify.
  • Imagine Driving a multi crew landship like a T-35, it would be a nightmare
  • @JBDiamondCutter
    Never would I think I'd see Spongebob machinima in Warthunder
  • @severestar200
    imagine leaving WOT for the realism of war thunder only to see that WT is turning into WOT from the mass migration of WOT players
  • @johnboyxoxo
    gaijin spaghetti code will ruin the implementation of any of these no matter what, they honestly should just spend an extended period of time to focus on cleaning up the code to the best of their abilities to fix the numerous issues the game already has and hopefully smooth out how bad things will be in the future (bad decision making excluded of course)
  • @MainerZ
    Many moons ago, I worked on military equipment, and I remember quite vividly a large PSU that was hit with an AK round, and that round went right between 2 internal PCBs that were stacked together amongst others like slices of bread. Sometimes your shot just does no damage, it happens.
  • @thobetiin8266
    The only way I could imagine a stun mechanic is if they replaced overpreassure with it. You get overpreassured, then damage to crew and stun. If the damage to crew is too much, you die anyway. The damage from overpreassure could be proportional to the explosive yield, and the susceptability of the tank. Like... irl abrams tank crews sometimes don't even have concussions from IEDs directly under the tank
  • @saltysteel3996
    Stun is 40/60 split right now. 60% no and 40% yes. Vote NO for the love of God! Stun ruined World of Tanks.
  • @PoormanNate
    Honestly this mechanic might make players leave or go down low tier in ground forever
  • @C.L.S.1
    Honestly its basically 4 in the morning here, and all I'm gonna say is with how maps have been lately let alone rounds going into light tanks and damaging next to F all I'm so close to asking Gaijin to get there man to kick the fentanyl habit. Edit The 42% of lobotomised people who actually wanted stun to be added to wt is either still a fresh recruit or straight up mentally unstable player's who wishes nothing but pain fot others i could be wrong but again i wouldn't put it past them.
  • Been playing for 10 years, they should first fix the damage models on mbts Then when that doesn't work, they can look for other things
  • @CrusaderLegFoot
    The people who voted for the stun mechanic are the same people who will complain about it. They seriously couldn't find the end of a well-lit hallway with a GPS.
  • @Not_Octopus
    If no one has checked, the survey shows that "yes" is leading in new modules and crew healing. "No" is leading in new fire sources and the shock feature.
  • @theironwolf1871
    Ngl i kinda like the crew healing mechanic but not the screen shake. But i feel like medkits should take a bit to heal them for balance.
  • @Luna_LU6546
    We already have a problem with teamates ignoring map pings, map markers, engine sounds, radio callouts and basic situational awareness. Having them ALSO be stunned will just make the average WT player act just like a bot
  • @albundy8139
    Agreed on the stun mechanic, you and TEC had good videos explaining why it's bad, and I appreciate that. That Spanish Avenger jackwagon made a billion threads on why it's a good idea, guy is walking meme at this point. Good video Steel.