Bluey Just Did Something Incredible...

Published 2024-05-14
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The hit animated series Bluey might have just hit its peak. The show's recent 30 minute special, The Sign, does things that I have never seen another show in this genre accomplish. And it is the best thing that has come from the world of Bluey so far! Let's talk about it!

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  • @AngryNerdBird
    It doesn't really come up in the show, but canonically Bandit is an archaeologist, and Chili works at airport security. In other words, Bandit digs up bones, and Chili is a drug-sniffing dog.
  • @bluedawgo
    Fun fact: the name of the episode during production was called “We’ll See”. The episode is also a test basically to see if people would accept a longer format such as a movie. I can’t wait for a movie!
  • You forgot the detail that in season 2 episode 45 Helicopter, Winton not only mentions that his dad doesn’t live with his mum but also the fact that his dad has a pool.
  • @MelodicQuest
    I feel like Bluey was made to be the type of show that the writers and creators wished they had growing up. Learning basic academics is all well and good, but there weren't many shows dealing with big topics that affect kids in everyday life.
  • @SirAsdf
    Fun Fact: The Male member of that couple that was buying the Heelers' house is voiced by Brendan Williams, who runs a Bluey fan podcast.
  • @Silent_Lucidity
    That last line hit me. My sister made fun of me for still watching cartoons at 10 years old, so I stopped. When I met my husband, I realized it was okay to enjoy cartoons. Now I'm 38 and loving Bluey more than any other show out there!
  • @itselguapo
    Bluey hooked me with one single clip, Jack having ADHD and his sibling being like, "Why can't you do what your told?!" and he just responds, "I don't know...." hit me like a truck like he wasn't angry or anything it was such a serious moment of confusion. Like god, having ADHD it's pretty much that for me with my friends. "You weren't paying attention were you?" in something like dungeons and dragon and i'm like, Sorry no I kinda zoned out a bit... and they just get a bit frustrated with me. Bluey is my comfort show for sure.
  • So we might not be getting a season 4 for a long time. We will be getting mini 3.5 minute episodes and a possible movie. But the creator voiced his concerns with the child actors growing up and not wanting to leave them behind if the show moves forward, so if we do get a season 4 it might feature aged up version of the characters. That’s why The Sign and Surprise kind of feel like a series finale because it kind of is the end of series 1 and the start of series 2
  • @alixshooketh
    The coin. Bluey's lucky coin in the wrong place which helped the couple planning on purchasing the Heeler household see another house that they would end up buying instead. + Without Bingo making Bandit late in that one episode she wouldn't be friends with Lila, and they wouldn't have helped the butterfly which led them to Frisky, therefore Bingo saved their home.
  • @awesomeman524
    I feel like Bluey will go down as the best childhood cartoon. It just does it all that no other cartoon could even compare to in the modern age.
  • @gdcookieoop
    i wouldnt have noticed the INSANE detail of Bingo playing parkour with her fingers in the window if i didnt watch this video, wow
  • What made me realized they stayed is Bingo graduating with her best friend she made in school.
  • @bettername1973
    As someone who has been following Bluey for years now, as well as someone in their late teens , I needed this show. I needed to hear that I wasn’t alone, that people felt lonely and sad and angry no matter who or where they were. I needed this so much, even if i’m just one person, during my early and mid-teens. I turn sixteen in a week and I’m scared, but if these cartoon dogs can move on with their lives and deal with big emotions, so can I. Thank you, Bluey. Thank you for everything.
  • @NerdAndAHalf_
    Im not invested in bluey but even i saw Twitter going insane over this string of episodes. Clearly the creators of this show have a lot of passion for it.
  • @nebbyott
    The best part is, like in a lot of modern animation, there is an overarching story in Bluey, but in Bluey its subtle and used more as a setpiece then a compelling narrative, which I haven't seen before, at least not done nearly this well. Remember when we had a whole episode about Bandit and his friends removing a stump, and Chili says "I want to put in a duck pond", and then half a dozen episodes later we have a whole episode about the duck pond being put in, Such a throw away line, that they could have never followed through with and nobody would have noticed. Bluey does this all over the place, it truely is a masterfully written animated series, one of the best in it's genre.
  • @COO-E
    As someone who had an abusive set of parents, bluey is cathartic for those of us who didn't have the family dynamic. It makes me warm inside and I cry almost every episode, because it's just so wonderful to see a cartoon giving a generation of children and a family a guide map into how to be kind to one another. I just really feel very specific emotions when I watch this show. A lot of people grow up in healthy or normal homes, and some....just don't know what healthy is. But bluey gives that slice and it's so beautiful. I cry even at the silly non emotional episodes. Because it's living vicariously
  • @Edible132
    I hope Bluey becomes a big influence for "kids shows" in the future
  • @PokemanSnaks
    1:23 The mom couldn’t parent, so that’s why they never got to make that episode
  • Most people probably don't know this but the Heeler's canonically live in Brisbane, which is where the studio that makes Bluey is based.