Rōnin talks over “How -Tu” prepare your rifle for combat

Published 2019-06-01
As a former Green Beret, I had to learn throughout the process of my career how to prep my rifle to my mission and operational environment. During this process, I had to revisit the fundamentals and tactics that I was taught as a young soldier. Hear my life experiences and understand the mindset and strategy behind how I set up my rifle for combat.

Instructor: Tu Lam (Retired U.S. Army Special Forces- Green Beret)--23 Years Full Spectrum Warfare, U.S. Army Special Operations worked throughout 27 countries worldwide. Team-Leader assignments in Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, Hostage Rescue, Direct Action and Counter-Terrorism Operations in permissive and non-permissive environments. Composite Special Forces team training and development team leader.

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  • ID
    you're the new CoD operator nice
  • nen
    I was wondering why this guy looked familiar. He's my damn loading screen lol
  • Tofu
    I can feel his pain of losing his team mates by the change in tone of voice as he explains how to handle his rifle, the mistakes his team mates made that cost them their lives
  • Cliff Nunez
    to spend ONE day training like this. The amount of wisdom passed on is insane. Completely makes me rethink how I handle myself.
  • David Rolon
    This man is completely awesome. The amount of life saving tips that he learned over so many years of battle that he just spits out like common knowledge is legendary. Those who really know, know that he is speaking probably the most fine tuned and up to date tactical information we have to date. And not to mention his physical state. He’s at peek performance for a warrior. Man I’m glad he’s on our side.
  • James Wachtman
    This guy is a natural teacher. The way he goes from one point to another while also making sure his students know what’s going on is mesmerizing, and had me watching the whole video even though I only clicked because he’s in COD
  • A.W. W.
    Could listen to him teach all day long.
  • Eric Marincel
    You wanna know how hardcore this guy is? He has a sentimental attachment to a sling. Enough said.
  • BlackSkullArmor
    I bet even John Wick shuts up and listens when Ronin starts talking
  • Space Chimp
    This is easily one of the best training videos I’ve ever seen. Learned so much in only 11 minutes
  • Bilse C
    He doesn’t wear a watch, he declares what time it is.
  • Big Tasty
    Dude literally just came out as a operator today in MW and he pops up in my recommended the same day... crazy
  • Zach
    6:55 One of the biggest takeaways from training BJJ for me and why it helps me with just about everything else is that it teaches you that everything boils down to two things. Those two things are concepts and techniques. Technique being the "what you do," and concepts being the "why you do them." I can't think of anything that you could possibly want to get better at where the application of those two things aren't the key to progress.
  • BigBoyPepe
    5% of the people are watching this to know how to prepare a rifle for combat, the rest just for Warzone lmao
  • The DON PRIME!
    This guy is the absolute professional. Everything he said made perfect sense and he explains in real world context. I was a former SDM Instructor / Grunt and this guys knows his dope! Building a new personal kit now, so looking for any tips and tricks since I've been out for a bit.
  • Robert
    I love watching Sgt. Maj Lam Operate. Everything about his movements is perfection. His ability to break down his explanations is absolutely incredible.
  • Justin Schendel
    Great to see a servicemen continue to his service to the citizens of this country.
  • Gtribe overland
    I've never been in the military not been on a police
    Force but the level of knowledge I appreciate. As I build my arms for protection of myself and my family I definitely have to think in how i carry and train with the tools of protection.