Minecraft, but I join Redstone Civilization!

Published 2024-04-21
Today I find myself in the Glade, discovering the redstone maze within Redstone Civlization. What jobs will I choose? And will I escape? Keep watching to find out!

This story is based on the book: the Maze Runner! I loved that story so I decided to turn it into Minecraft!

Thanks for watching!

Voices: Bucky, Ivory, @ShadowMageYT

Socials: solo.to/jayceminecraft

Discord Server: discord.gg/hm8g4MEtVw

#minecraft #movie

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  • @JayceMinecraft
    Thanks for watching everyone! This was super fun! I based this a bit on the Maze Runner books! Tune in to see what happens next! I wanna make more fun videos like this one! Edit: Had to remove some of the video between 8 min and 9 minutes but the story itself should still make sense!
  • @Bookseer
    I love Maze Runner, it was for years one of my favourite books.
  • @JALG3710
    11:15 Ami surprised Orion that she could open the door. 😂
  • @Kelfloppy
    Second character suggestion for redstone civilization: Bluestone Knights Hidden very deep in the maze (i mean. VERY DEEP) Makes redstone puzzles (Hard ones) + time limit (Weak: 5 minutes, Normal: 3 minutes, Strong: 1 minute) Neutral [deletes] people when they do not solve the puzzles in time idk HP: 50 They extend the maze
  • @user-RGplayz
    Bro, I love maze runner, but the ending was epic!!! I can't wait for the next part!
  • @Kelfloppy
    Character suggestion for Redstone civilization: Redstone Masters Hidden variant Very good at redstone Yep thats all i accept more stats
  • @KingMaerno
    W video! I also love Maze runner, actually I also incorporated some of the things in my PVP civilization story. It's always fun to see how similar interests can inspire somewhat different creators. Keep up the awesome work!
  • @quijequije
    If I were there, I would break the wall 💀
  • Woooooow that was amazing bro. Especially the animations. I loved it!😊
  • @smallcat848
    Cool video! Feels like a mix of all of the big 3 late 2000s/early 2010s YA novels lol
  • @Whale6000
    This is what we were all waiting for! W Upload
  • @Ceoh77777
    Awesome!!!! Ep 1 of redstone civilization!!!!!
  • A group of people stuck at the center of a maze filled with traps and monsters? I think i saw a movie that did the same thing.🤔
  • @gauravgarg7920
    keep up the good work, looking forward for next episode
  • @BlackFantasy470
    I always think this must be so much work. Therefore I'm always impressed by the outcome. And I like the story as well.