Film Theory: The Devil Made You Do It! (Harmony and Horror)

Published 2023-03-11
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You’ve seen us cover Mandela and Backrooms, but now we’re diving headfirst into a NEW analog horror series here on YouTube. Harmony and Horror has a complicated story full of mystery. And the animatronics are SO scary. But how dark does season 1 get? Let’s find out…

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Warak
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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All Comments (21)
  • Battington
    It’s super satisfying to see all the details being paid attention to. Welp! Better get to finishing season 2.
  • NamezRhine
    Thanks matpat, whenever I wanna be scared and educated you never let me down
  • Fox of Diamonds
    Should also take this time to mention that the kids name in the show is Andrew and Markus, with Markus being significantly more driven for the toy’s creation while Andrew becomes more resistant. Markus is also the kid with the dream about the Devil. It seems that there is a connection between Markus and Martin, and Andrew and Arthur.
  • C B
    It's crazy how attentive matpat is. So many teeny tiny details 😁 props to Battington
  • trinity dalfae
    With all the different indie horror series MatPat has done over the years we're surprised that there's never been a Game Theory episode about the Cube Escape series. It seems like the kind of surreal horror setting with plenty of hidden lore that would fit right in with all the other spooky series these channels review. Also no haunted animatronics.
  • Just Some Gal
    Matpat's the one guy who can get me to watch a 16 minute video about something I've never even heard of
  • Stella_moon 101
    Finally this series is underrated I’m glad it’s getting talked about
  • This series was one of the first horror series I watched and I was so terrified I couldn’t sleep for weeks 😂 it holds a special place in my heart ❤️
  • nameless dork
    I'm honestly very happy for Battington to get some spotlight; Harmony and Horror is possibly one of the very few analog series that gets me off the edge of my seat. But I was also reminded that season 2 is only 3 episodes as of this comment.

    If you want a different flavor of analog, try leafing through vintage8's work. They have some good stories.
  • Laura Guzman
    I’d like to see MatPat talk about the Suitmation Trials. But as of now the series is too short for anything major. Hopefully the series gets bigger and he covers it
  • Moooshmellow
    Personally think it would be awesome if they did an analysis video on The Professor from Puppet History and his weird connections to The Genie. Gotta Love History <3
  • Fredbear
    Finally, Battington gets this level of attention. I'm glad this is covered now, and I bet Battington is too.
  • Kuyar_Moonshadow
    I never thought MatPat would be covering Harmony and Horror of all things! One of my favorite things to watch on here! I will never forget the first time I watched some of their vids a couple years ago. It gave me feelings of fear and uneasiness I've never felt with anything else I ever watched before. It's true horror in my eyes, that's why I love it so much XD I first found out about them through another YouTube channel I love called MostAmazingTop10, who mentioned a few of their videos.

    Here's another YouTube series recommendation: I would LOVE to see you cover Meta Runner or anything by SMG4/GLITCH, two of my most favorite channels on here. There is a LOT you could theorize with those! 😁
  • Leslie
    First episode of Harmony and Horror i watched was the christmas one with the girl who got her jaw ripped off. Way to make an impression. I haven’t been that scared by a analog horror since the Mandela Catalogue!
  • TrueAfricanHero
    I’m glad you guys picked this up. H&H is my favorite analog horror. A really grim tale that I’m intrigued to see the end of.
  • Mag1cM4ker
    Amazingly done work by Battington & Film Theorists crew!
    Not so long ago, a full-length SFM film called "Emesis Blue" was released on The "Fortress films" channel. It is very interesting but extremely confusing in terms what is going on, could you make a theory based on that video next please!
  • Sorrowful- -Andy
    Hey! So there's a new series coming out that I believe that Matt could look in to doing! It's called "Welcome Home" is like a muppet lost media horror.
    I’ve been working on a web horror series myself and sometimes I just like, fantasize about MatPat making a theory about mine. Happy for Battington for getting here