Going Private Soon! The Secret To Instagram Success

Published 2017-07-27
Jake Paul? Donald Trump?? MICROSOFT PAINT??? Nope, this video is about none of those things. While the rest of the world zigs, I like to zag, and by “zag”, I of course mean that I like to not make videos about relevant situations or high-profile celebrities and instead complain about things that don’t matter nearly as much. Enjoy!

Is your shitty stolen Instagram page not performing as well as you hoped? Then you’ll probably want to watch this video to learn the unconventional secret that will forever change your online fortunes. I guess it's not really a secret though, I mean... I put the answer in the title. I'm now realizing clickbait doesn't work as well if you give away the secret you claim to have before people even watch the video. Shit. I messed this up so bad. But hey, at least I caught my mistake before I finished uploadi- oh fuck I just clicked publish. Welp. Too late now.

Anyway, to sum up the above paragraph, there is literally no reason for you to watch this video. Smash that like button!

Thanks again for all the continued support you guys have given me lately. I am trying my best to upload more frequently but you’ll have to just stay patient with me. My job tends to render me a very busy boy and it is physically impossible to upload more often than I currently am. If I continue to grow the way I have then it is very feasible that in a few months I might be able to do this full-time and post more of my video-documented sharts onto this god-forsaken website. We’ll just have to see.

And never forget, the little stinkers are the strongest force in the universe! Oh GOD DAMMIT. That was supposed to be a surprise at the end of the video. It was the only thing I hadn’t given away already. Fuck. I am so bad at YouTube. Please unsubscribe.

Please subscribe.

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The only reason I’m continuing the description down here is because I felt that, like this video, the description should be way longer than necessary and keep going long after you thought it was going to be over. You know what they say, “life imitates art”! Only in this case, “life” is a bunch of words I wrote and “art” is a 25-minute video about an app. Okay, the police just came to my door and demanded that I end this description now, for the well-being of myself and everybody reading it. Looks like they’re breaking down the door now, which is weird because the door was already open. Oh great, now they’re handcuffing me. Not cool guys! It is significantly harder to type this with my hands behind my back. I can’t even see the scrne anmore so im’ just guesing what I’m typhng an oh dfioak la;fjsi akiosan fuipajn;w jake paul asiugasflj amacewugs just a joke asdijbasdbes.

All Comments (21)
  • @drewisgooden
    So now I know you can mass accept follow requests if you temporarily go public. This makes sense because these people don't seem smart enough to program bots.
    Also the guy was probably lying about making 5K in two weeks but still, there is money to be made in stealing content if you're willing to be a piece of shit.

    EVERYTHING ELSE CHECKS OUT, OKAY. You're bound to get one or two facts wrong in a 25 minute video. Also, sorry about making a 25 minute video.
  • @ashleighann2502
    I can see Drew in his office with red yarn all over the walls, trying to piece this together.
  • @misseli1
    "Credit goes to the owner" that's like saying "the author of this book wrote this book" without giving the author's name
  • This is the most unhinged I’ve ever seen drew. These are the rantings of a man about to commit a murder.
  • @zolengeb.7629
    Ah, the good old days before Drew realized he could just act out skits instead of insanely rambling the concept...
  • @randomuser3988
    "You have an ego of someone who actually has talent" -Drew Gooden
    I will use this quote till the day i die, this is precious
  • @possumboy5933
    The lazy “credits go to owners” thing is actually just them saying “oh I don’t own it the person who made it does” without actually crediting them
    As a musician "I'm giving you exposure, get over it" is the single phrase someone can say to me that could make me sock them in the face with no warning. People who steal people's ideas and art are the lowest scum on earth. Theft of physical items is usually out of necessity in some sense, but stealing someone's PASSION is just disgusting and unwarranted
  • @sambeaman5143
    “funniest posts on instagram” “do u remember kim possible?” stares at the camera in disbelief
  • @SpadePyro
    The “only accepting x number of people” actually backfired for me because when I was younger and much dumber, I wouldn’t try to follow them thinking they already accepted all the accounts they would
  • @chelscara
    I feel validated that Drew also goes a lil feral when having to explain basic human decency 😂
  • @Liam_theX
    I call this Dark Drew because he’s a little angrier the vids a little rant-ier and his lights are off making it a little darker.
  • @willow0.0
    Drew I like how you say that he was like you didn’t ask me politely, and then you actually felt that you had to ask him politely, that’s like if a stranger walks into your house and you yell at them to leave and then they say “ but you didn’t ask me politely” Who gives a shit if you asked politely that’s your content that he’s stealing, he’s not in the right to make you ask politely, that’s yours!
  • @-Desire
    Seeing Drew angry is such an out-of-body experience
  • @pumkinpatchwork
    as an artist, I fucking hate social media reposters so I completely agree and emphasize with how fired up you are. the fact that people profit off of blatantly stealing content without ever even giving credit infuriates me so badly. this was a very much needed rant lol, thank you.
  • "DM for credit"

    Here's a better idea. How about: "DM the ARTIST for PERMISSION?"