Water Treatment Training for Cooling Towers, Chillers and Boilers

Published 2015-05-20

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  • Roy Scott
    Thanks for putting these videos together. Training is very varied across the nation and I appreciate your efforts in putting these videos out Ken.
  • Temmuz
    That was a very clear and informative video! We are expecting another one about boilers as well please!! Thank you :)
  • abdul rahman
    very good , its helpful  Ken  :  I would like to add , particularly in open loop system in cooling towers the water takes some air and  oxygen  exist in the air will react with the steel pipes and oxidation process takes place and forms ferrous oxide (corrosion) will occur. then it is necessary to add anti corrosion chemicals.
  • Rawdiswar
    Great video, I'm using Youtube videos to help me study for my 4th class Power Engineering exam and clips like this are very helpful.
  • Jose Zapata
    Educational, but yet not too technical. Great video, good job. Showing my team this video soon.
  • Lisa b
    Very interesting. Bromine is typically used in spa's and swimming pools. For a cooling tower say 250 Ton, what concentration of bromine do you use/set/look for?
  • Dani Barry
    Thank you guys that's well explained. Good job👍
  • beata chu
    It can save cost if you use water fluorescent tracer (cas:59572-10-0) to monitor your water treating chemicals' dosing in cooling towers and boilers. Manufacture's suggestion. THANKS!
  • Jeremiah Spence
    How long does the water treatment process take? How often should blowdown be done? Thanks for sharing! 🌎🥼🧪
    Why aren't you feeding a non-oxidizing biocide in addition to the bromine? Dual biocide programs are ideal for cooling towers, especially if you can use products that have a synergistic effect (like bleach and iso).
  • Riyaz Ahamed
    Good video and usefull for me because im starting me career in water treatment now in few days in steel plants please upload some more videos about water treatment process...
  • T12π¥
    Great great video Ken and team. Thank you!
  • Ridoy
    Thx Ken. These are really helpful
  • m sa
    Good stuff for learners.
  • JC Centeno
    Great great video Ken and team. Thank you! 2018