Published 2023-01-24

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  • PlagueOfGripes
    Pocahontas is probably the cutest character I'd ever seen you drawn. Which of course spelt nothing but disaster for all of us.
  • MrFish
    I like how Pocahontas is literally the only normal looking character they’ve ever drawn
  • Doc gaming
    Seeing pocahontas being drawn nicely caught me off guard when the British people arrived
  • quirkychap
    Omfg, you guys drew Pocahantas to be absolutely adorable. And the historically accurate Englishmen were a nice touch.
  • zebedie2
    As someone who is Brittish, I can confirm this is totally accurate.
  • Aszhara
    Always remember: If Disney takes this down, it's canon.
  • Rogue Fox
    This would be a great series actually, there’s so many Disney movies that you can apply this too, hell I wouldn’t even mind a Dreamworks version one day either.
  • Anthony Brown
    "You are a pagan God and must stay bound to your torment." I'm deceased. I've seen it before but man, never fails
  • MrBearjangles
    no way, flashgitz can draw normal people. That pocohontus short was awesome
  • Tr P (TR_P)
    I didn't know there was an animator out there that could draw photorealistic british people but you have impressed me with your kodak-quality drawings.
  • Grasses On
    It is weird to think how the Greeks considered one’s manhood to be peak male perfection if it was small, then after a few thousand years the idea changed.
  • Christoph13131
    "You are a pagan god who must stay pound to your torment!" gets me every time.
  • NorthStar69
    Those "English men" are almost borderline meatcanyon characters and I LOVE it!
  • Mar Cello
    This brought me back so many memories from those old Scientifically Accurate videos about Barney, Ninja Turtles, Sonic etc.
  • Ham Fast
    The design of the British lads are so good haha. Excellent work
  • Patrick W. Dunne
    The cutest drawing you've ever made paired with the most horrific
  • J E
    "ELLO DAAARLING!" is haunting... Did Meat Canyon help create that horrific depiction? I feel like he did...
  • James Scholes
    Hercule's insults would now be considered compliments by today's standards.
  • I was secretly hoping Hunchback of Notre Dame would appear and everyone is just infected with the bubonic plague.