Trump Wanted to Bomb Mexico; Katie Porter Gives Powerful Speech on Inflation: A Closer Look

Published 2022-05-12
Seth takes a closer look at Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter making a powerful speech to her colleagues about solving the cost-of-living crisis and Donald Trump wanting to bomb Mexico and pretend it wasn’t us.

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Trump Wanted to Bomb Mexico; Katie Porter Gives Powerful Speech on Inflation: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

All Comments (21)
  • Lu Woods
    Katie Porter holds the line so steady.
    I'm always impressed.
  • RetinolGaming
    Katie Porter genuinely deserves to be the first woman President. She's fantastic.
  • Brad Miller
    Been following Katie for a while now, she never disappoints.
  • Charles De Wit
    You can tell Katie Porter is an educator; using props to show how bad someone fucked up, has done her homework and so on.

    As a Dutchman, I would love to see her as president; she knows how to whip idiots into shape.
  • Bess Smith
    Katie Porter is an articulate, well-educated, well prepared, hardworking Congresswoman. She is the kind we all deserve & desperately need, and the kind bad actors fear.
  • Imagine how childish and incompetent you have to be to ask top military officers if China has a "hurricane gun". Imagine how utterly unfit for office someone must be if they are asking that kind of question.

    The fact that Trump rose to the top in the U.S. reveals that America is a desperately sick nation. You don't end up with a "leader" like that unless your country is seriously, seriously sick.
  • Anne Ruby
    Katie Porter is amazing. So on message all the time. We cannot afford to lose her in Congress.
  • Stephanie Adams
    The great thing about Katie is her demonstrations help voters understand how huge companies are rail railroading consumers.... and getting richer and richer all the time.
  • Fiona Lyons
    Nobody should ever tell Katie Porter that she doesn't understand the situation. She does her homework and is always 3 steps ahead of everyone else in the room.
  • S RKH
    Katie may be a Democrat, but she’s truly nonpartisan—she wants to improve the entire country
  • B DP
    Imagine telling Katie Porter she has a "fundamental misunderstanding" about anything. Go ahead, oil people, try her. Make her day and all of our days.
  • Patrick Wilkin
    Katie Porter is awesome. She should be the model by which Democrats campaign, legislate, and message. So envious of her constituents.
  • justsaying
    Katie Porter is one politician that I trust to tell the truth. Although I am not in her district i donated to her campaign fund. We need her. She kills it.
  • rowdybliss
    Katie Porter is a queen and a legend. We need more politicians like her.
  • EveryCrazyDay
    PLEASE MORE KATIE PORTER COVERAGE! She both holding people accountable and doing it in some of the most understandable and genuinely entertaining ways.
  • Dragon1320 J
    We need another 50 Katie Porter’s in the Democratic Party.
  • Naryoril
    Am I the only one who thinks it's strange to blame "the democrats" for not acting when 1 or 2 democratic and EVERY SINGLE republican senator prevent that from happening?
  • RockDinosaur
    For anyone who doesn't think there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, listen to Katie Porter or Jamie Raskin speak, then listen to Marjorie Greene or Lauren Boebert babble.
  • Master Cody
    Katie Porter does good work...shame it falls on deaf ears on politicians who don't want to do their jobs...but continue to get paid.
  • Jessica Anderson
    Could you Imagine if Katie was our president.. I would be crying happy tears. She reminds me of that teacher you prob took for granted in high school but as an adult you are glad you had her class