Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights

Published 2022-11-20

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  • isamm_13
    As a die hard Bengals fan you have to give TJ Watt his props. He's a straight beast
  • Marvinlewis047
    Tee Higgins is so underrated. He always makes those tough contested catches on third downs
  • Derrick Jones
    Tee Higgins would be a #1 WR on 90% of the teams in the NFL. Dude is unguardable
  • Thomas Sankara
    Joe Burrow had a great game. Those 2 INTs were just incredible plays from the defense, especially the 2nd one, but Bengals made adjustments from their Week 1 Match-up, and they look much better, even the OL, Division is still in play. I wouldn't be surprised if they make noise in the AFC Playoffs
  • Grandchamp77
    Not a Bengals fan,but those White unis are off the chain!!🔥🔥🔥
  • FitzyFiddle
    As a Steelers fan ggs. Simply outplayed us. We finally got our offense somewhat going but it was too overwhelming with out defensive struggles. Ggs Bengals
  • I'm a Raven's fan and found myself, because of the AFC North standings, rooting for the Steelers. While unusual, it isn't unprecedented in the past decades for that to happen.
    What a game! Both teams fought hard and showed their skills. My Ravens played a weak Panthers earlier today and won, but not as decisively as I'd have liked. I have a feeling that if the Ravens had played like they did today against either the Bengals or the Steelers who played like they did, my Ravens would've lost. Who knows?
    Anyway, this was a good, intense battle, typical of great AFC North games. The Ravens play the Bengals once and the Steelers twice. I look forward to hard fought games with both of these teams and the Ravens. But any given Sunday, right?
  • RaidPirate
    Big win. Great to avenge week 1. Despite two INTs (which props to the defense for both times holding PIT offense to a FG), still a 37 point performance by the offense! 6-4 and getting exciting. Tough games coming up but I like the direction the Bengals are currently going!
  • Tedre Butt
    I think Pittsburgh have a future. Pickett looks to be improving and is more comfortable in the pocket. His connection with Pickens will definitely be something to look forward to next season
  • Jbird 4482
    I was skeptical about Zac Taylor as a Coach, but the Bengals actually seem to outcoach other teams in the second halves a lot unlike the Marvin Lewis era. Maybe it's mostly having Joe Burrow as QB that makes the difference! But definitely fun to be a Bengals fan after so many terrible years. I think Kenny Pickett is going to be pretty good though. Steelers have a solid QB in him it looks like.
  • Zach Beeler
    The penalties on 3rd downs in the first half in favor of PIT really made this game closer than it should of been.
  • Kwame Hakeem II
    This is the most amazing jersey match up I've ever seen
  • Alex Bayles
    As a Steelers fan I know they aren’t making a crazy run this year. I’ve been eager and looking for Kenny to make big time pro plays, to me he really flashed in this game. He is growing and learning, you can really tell. If you remember in Ben’s rookie year he didn’t exactly light it up and have the best stats. He definitely has the moxie and leadership you want to see
  • wreckim
    I'm really impressed with all NFL teams with losing records, they give it their all and leave it on the field. It's tough to win in this league, and that's why it's so much fun to watch. I hope the Bengals make it to the playoffs.
  • Trot to the Top
    always happy to see burrow doing well, his journey has been one to remember. throwing dimes, tds, and the picks just great defense plays
  • VivGoat
    That George Pickens ejection 😂