FTX Disaster - 7 Unbelievable Bankruptcy Discoveries

Published 2022-11-23
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All Comments (21)
  • @ColdFusion
    Hey all, thanks for watching! Just a couple of corrections. Paul Wiess was the law firm that dropped Sam, not a lawyer and Dubai is a city in the UAE not a country. Apologies for that.
  • @anonony9081
    What I find amazing about this saga is the mainstream media's complete silence on the fraud aspects. They keep writing stories as if the business failed due to being run poorly and not because they were committing wholesale fraud
  • @barryb2704
    I find it difficult to believe his parents did not know what was going on. Their possible involvement needs to be investigated.
  • @1337Frederick
    What is most entertaining about all of this for me, is that the way they ran this company is exactly how I imagined giant corporations were run when I was 5 years old and wanted to be a lawyer.
  • I am sure that people who watched this video update maybe aware of this already but Bankman-Fried was arrested last night in The Bahamas and is being held without bail. Bail was denied and he waived any fight of extradition to the U.S. Amazing work as always on the Cold Fusion page. Thank you for continuing to post important, informative and entertaining content.
  • @gary426
    So glad I found this channel. The research and effort into putting these stories together is amazing. You paint a clear chronological picture that most lay people can understand and I commend you. Definitely subscribed.
  • @TheZackofSpades
    Once we landed at the “it wasn’t me! it was my shady girlfriend!!” side of this debacle it should’ve been pathetically clear that SBF never had an ounce of generosity. Dude didn’t just take the thickest slice of the pie for himself, he took the whole pie…someone else’s pie…and then told the bakery that his so-called charitable contribution was funded by the next sap to walk in their door😂
  • @PattoDan88
    I think Coldfusion needs to make more videos on FTX. There are so many developments. I think we need a Coldfusion series
  • @shamilampinga
    Another great production! Please continue releasing updates as the story unfolds. Nobody does it like you do.

    Also, I’m sure SEC employees are camping on your channel
  • @BunkerSquirrel
    As always, a treat to watch your content. Thank you for elevating the standard for deep dive journalism. Not just on YouTube but everywhere
  • @mcorrive12
    Please continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

    Please look into the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit and the similar appearances of SEC criminal conflicts and corruption. John Deaton is representing 75,000 harmed crypto holders in this case, against the SEC, as "Amici Curiae" aka friends of the court.
  • Just found your channel. Great presentation and research. Thanks for all of the hard work!

    Ouch. It seems like a garbage dump would be more organized than FTX.
  • @bad_money
    The oldest rule still holds true: the easiest way to rob a bank is to own one.
  • @SonnetGomes
    Thank you for the updates. I would never have invested in such platforms, but all those who did should also take the blame. I hope all those who were involved with Alameda/FTX gets jailed for good. It is a wild wild west for crypto right now. Easy come. Easy go!
  • @ArnfinnRian
    Dude you always deliver! You are faster than, and goes deeper into any material than the journalists of Norway! You got a fanboy here!
  • @Nicholas_Sweeting
    As a Bahamian myself, I’m interested to hear if/how the government was involved with FTX. Especially since FTX moved from Hong Kong on September 24, 2021 and we had just had an election where the PLP took control from the FNM, just 8 days earlier on September 16.

    Did the FNM have anything to do with this or was the PLP in bed with FTX just like they got mountains of “campaign donations” from the Chinese government back in 2017 (they lost that election regardless)?
  • @sailaab
    You are doing some excellent👌🏽 investigative research and crisp, timely productions..
    .even as the 'it is a developing story' sign is ON.
    Thanks a ton. Already listen to your music channel, podcast.
    Curiosity stream, Nebula would be an even bigger hit.. if you all decide to add audio in South Asian languages too.
    Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etcetera audiences and parents would really lap it up.. even if the 14.99$ pricing was more tuned towards the westerners.
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  • @oldnepalihippie
    Totally impressed with your channel, and the integrity displayed during reporting, vs. the business practices of FTX and it's band of bozos.