I Ate Every Minecraft Food In Real Life

Published 2022-07-27

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  • BendyGaming
    Can we appreciate the fact that most of the foods they had, Gabe and James had to eat more than what Unspeakable's character did. I'd say that Gabe and James won at this point.
  • Mitsos YT
    Only the OG's will remember when he did something very similar to this on his Unspeakable channel way back at the old house. Good old memories ;(
  • Ashley Thompson
    gabe:casually grabs sausage by toe
    me:gets embarrassed on the other side of the screen
  • Kollins Smith
    We can all appreciate how gabe and Nathan started to through the sausage at James and how much effort they put into these videos they always make me laugh
  • Corissa Vu
    Did anyone else just love the end when James started to smash everything into the rootbeer drink or whatever mixture of things was in that cup at that point? 😂
  • Makenna O
    I love when James said he ate a villager all the time.
  • Anthoy Wilson
    Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos.
  • CR 24
    The part where They were playing with sausage and putting their foot on it and getting the root beer float everywhere is hilarious I laughed so hard
  • Kim Scofield
    Me seeing Gabe spin the sausage with his toes:”what the dog doin?”
  • TradinGaming
    Can we just appreciate how much work he puts in his videos
  • MC Studios
    99% of people be like we need to appreciate how much work and money they put into these videos
  • Joshua Playz
    Unspeakable is now officially topper guild Congratulations unspeakable!
  • Purple dude
    The way that he said that it needed a little more chilly was funny 😂😂😂
  • Unicorngirlyay123
    I love your videos I love the part when Gabe spin the sausage and hit James in the face😂
  • KNowledge MAfia
    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!