WOT Blitz Germany vs USA || Tier 10 Face Off

Published 2022-05-13
World Of Tanks Blitz Face Off
In this video, it's time for German tier 10 tech tree tanks fight against American one. Let's see if USA will win again, or will Germany triumph this time.

On German side we have: Leopard 1, E 50 M, E 100, VK 72.01, Maus, Jg. Pz. E 100 and Grille 15
On USA side we have: Sheridan, M48 Patton, M-VI Yoh, T57 Heavy, T110E5, T110E4 and T110E3.

0:00 - 0:20 Intro
0:20 - 4:45 German E-100
4:45 - 7:17 USA Sheridan
7:17 - 10:41 German Leopard 1
10:41 - 14:30 USA M-VI-Yoh
14:30 - 17:30 German Jg.Pz. E 100
17:30 - 17:40 Outro

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All Comments (21)
  • @kadebass6187
    One of the biggest things that these videos really lead into (also my biggest gripe with wotb and by extension any game that involves team play). Team coordination matters so much more than you think. So many players think they’re going to be these tank aces in combat but that shouldn’t be your goal it should be working with your team. One of the interesting side effects to this is the amount of times you see these people (good or bad) blame their team for losing but then when they win the battle it was because they really worked hard and did more for the team
  • @LanzoL.
    Damn. What a very nice comeback by Germany
  • @sil_gamer9347
    Thanks a lot my friend, make more videos like this, please!
  • @tsuaririndoku
    I mean Maus and E100 were insanely powerful duo. But with VK72 as well, they have massive HP advantage, unless US needs to be more aggressive and take out the main DPM like Leopard and E50. Germany has better on City area map due to tank design and its Brawling in Nature. US Tanks will never stand a chance against them unless they spam American Economic HEAT Depression as fast as possible which US have a lot of tanks with HEAT rounds.
  • Not going to lie this is one of the best videos of this I’ve ever seen in my life so good just tank fan 👍
  • Can u make a video what tank is better Sherman firefly or loza's sherman?
  • Idk.. it seems pretty biased. But as a normal Germany main, sitting in the back of spawn is key 😂
  • @hagmax1531
    Do the same thing with tier 7's that would be interesting. Tigers and Panthers Vs Is and T43's (WW2)
  • @mayoor357
    Bro I think it depends upon players skill