YouTube's Next Chapter Under Neal Mohan (New CEO)

Published 2023-04-09

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  • @shashipancholi
    3 steps to improve YouTube:
    - bring back the dislike counter
    - create mechanism to punish bad actors for malicious copyright claims
    - allow users more control of the “Topics” on recommendations feed
  • @CaptainFSU
    As a elder millennial I hate shorts (and TikTok), more specifically Youtube's obsession with putting them in my subscription feed when I never watch them. I want substance.
  • Shorts are a horrendous problem. YouTube are holding popular content makers for ransom by insisting they make shorts, or their content will be buried by the algorithm.
  • @15kBeforeOctober
    Getting rid of the dislike counter was the worst move they made. They have spent too much time looking out for corporate partners over creators and the grassroots community
  • @Sevuz
    As many others have already stated, YouTube has done MANY moronic things. The removal of the dislike counter as well as making it VERY hard for creators to make content while dealing with guidelines has gone from stupid to idiotic. And let's not forget about their Black- and Whitelist where some creators get special treatment. I doubt this new CEO will change anything.
  • An idea to improve things massively.

    They can introduce a button that can be used by the user to quantify their negativity for a given video.

    This way when someone is searching for something important, they can quickly identify false or clickbait videos and save valuable time. After all the task of a search engine is to easily present the user with relevant information and YouTube is the second highest used search engine.
  • @1wcatalan
    Bring back the dislike counter. They allow scams, whatsapp hacks, and bullying yet cant bring the dislike feature to help identify videos that arent useful or misleading.
  • @lahma69
    I for one believe the leadership at YouTube have made a long and ongoing, awful sequence of decisions for the platform at the cost of both viewers and creators.. but especially creators. The way YouTube has and continues to treat their creators is quite frankly despicable. Even creators of factual documentaries such as those covering history are constantly at risk. I could go on and on but the last point I'll make is one that I'm sure most everyone is aware of but needs to be repeated. YouTube's failure to clearly state their rules and policies on paper (virtual or otherwise) is so utterly frustrating and perplexing as to cause any logical minded person's head to explode. Obviously this is done for the purposes of allowing them to selectively apply any rule, to anyone, at any time, for any reason.. So no... I don't think the leadership at Google has been some beacon of great leadership and effective moderation. The reason they are the only show in town is because they are a monopoly who has a completely captive audience whom competitors have little to no chance of overcoming. I genuinely despise what YouTube has become and that is directly a result of how it has been run by the top leadership. These people should not be praised.
  • @mykeyyyy458
    The fact that they gave him $100 million to retain him is almost unheard of
  • @coryernewein
    Mama Susan was as influential in helping creators as dog trying to land an airplane. She had the controls right in front of her, but not knowing what is actually happening in the real world is a terrible way to wreck a product over time.
  • Appreciate your reports. Noticed you omitted the whole “shadow ban” issue. Probably should be included since it hurt their brand and spawned competitors.
  • The Amount of small youtube channels that stopped and deleted their channels, it's a loss of art. Never forget what she did.
  • @greyareaRK1
    I would argue that YT's massive overreaction to advertiser apprehension was an unmitigated disaster. They alienated their content creators, leaving them to plead for survival with fans for direct support via Patreon. It's been rough sailing ever since, with one silly decision after another, confusing, vague and arbitrary guidelines, and nebulous internal processes. YT lost its fresh startup creativity to dull-witted, corporate thinking long ago. I see more of the same with another suite like Neal Mohan (as evidenced by his erratic pivoting to trends and technical buzzwords).
  • First task for the new CEO should be to solve the comment section scam/spam problem, and then harden the account security for creators
  • @VladZheleznyak
    i love youtube. it is the best video platform online, imho, and that is largely due to all the content creators like you. i follow so many great people that create A+ videos ranging from 10 minutes to many hours. whatever the new CEO does, i hope it doesn't ruin the relationship with smaller content creators
  • @triangl3minds
    It's really interesting to learn about the future of YouTube under Neal Mohan's leadership. It's clear that he has a strong vision for how the platform can continue to evolve and provide even more value to creators and viewers alike. From new monetization options to improved search and discovery features, it's exciting to think about the possibilities for the future of YouTube. I'm looking forward to seeing how these changes unfold and how they will impact the content creation and consumption landscape. The thumbnail though 😂
  • @AlmostChimp
    The thing is, YT is so large and established as a platform that they don’t actually need to be the ones to innovate past a certain degree, sure they can get caught napping but they can easily sit back and let the world revolve a bit without feeling too much pressure to stir things up, simple because there is no real competition in their space, they own this part of the internet. They’re so big that even someone comes out of no where with something that does directly compete with YT, they can quite easily pivot and make the necessary changes.

    So yeah, it don’t matter if YT innovate or not.
  • @KennethVert
    Thanks for the video, Dagogo! So excited for you with how your channel has really taken off. Sending you all my love and support for your efforts. Take care, -Kenneth
  • @mandalmandal4593
    Youtube grew not because of any CEO but because the internet was in its infancy and the idea of youtube was new, so it took off, and just so it happened youtube was in the heart of it.
  • @DarkFilmDirector
    I hope that Neal Mohan is aware of why users have been choosing other platforms for more and more activities. The primary issue is the extremely intrusive ads. I am aware that ads are a necessary means of revenue but my god on a five minute video there is now almost 1 full minute of ads spliced in at the beginning and midway through. This has to stop.