Future Motion ONEWHEEL SAFETY Questioned After DEATHS Reported | REFUSES TO RECALL | Should They?

Published 2022-12-01
We Discuss The Recent 2022 Future Motion ONEWHEEL SAFETY Concerns After The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) Wrote In A November 16, 2022 Statement That Due To An Onboard Systems Flaw Causing Sudden Stops, Riders Can Be Ejected From The E-Skateboards, Resulting In Death From Head Trauma And Other Injuries. At Least Four Deaths Were Reported Between 2019 and 2021. Fast Forward To 2022, The USCPSC Recently Urged Future Motion To Recall Their Product However Future Motion Refused To Agree To "An Acceptable Recall" Of Its ONEWHEEL Products Which Include The Onewheel, Onewheel Plus, Onewheel Plus XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT.

These E-Skateboards Are A Big Hit In The Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) Market And Continue To Gain Popularity Despite The Potential Dangers Associated With Riding One. Future Motion Said In A Press Release On November 16, 2022 The E-Skateboards Are Safe When The Rider Follows "Common Sense Safe Riding Practices That Are Common To Any Board Sport." Future Motion Also Said In The Press Release That It Disagrees With The USCPSC's Conclusions.

What Do You Think? Should These Be Recalled?? Are They Really That Unsafe??

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All Comments (4)
  • Armando Cardona
    My coworker had to miss work for a week due to the injuries he while using one wheel lol good thing he was heading a helmet.
  • Sean Paul
    While not to take the side of the CPSC, whom I believe is committing a serious overreach with the language of the notice, the notice isn't about low battery pushback or even pushback in general.

    The CPSC claims that the boards are unsafe in all conditions, with all versions of the boards that have been released over time. The claim states that a rider can get "ejected" without warning or reason.

    There are some failures that occur that do not have a warning, but they are extremely rare. However, the vast majority of "ejections" come at the fault of the rider ignoring the safety mechanisms that are built into the board (largely pushback). This latter point is basically politely being ignored by the CPSC. Their mandate is to go after consumer products that are inherently unsafe, like the old scisssor-style baby gates which are dangerous at any given moment, not the products that the consumers make unsafe by ignoring the information and warnings that come with the product. Should there be a CPSC-backed warning notice about products like Onewheel that have inherent risk? Sure. However, the language needs to be adjusted, where the opening salvo isn't all death and destruction.

    It is my opinion that Future Motion is getting both barrels from CPSC because they are a US-based company, who holds an effective monopoly, and Future Motion had the unmitigated gall to tell the CPSC that they would not comply with a voluntary recall of their entire product line (which is standard practice when the CPSC knocks at your door).

    All that said, there are some things that Future Motion can implement which would make the boards even safer, like allowing the audio alert to be sent through the app/phone (I've missed mine a time or two listening to music while riding), or create custom shaping that is more modular and dynamic with the pushback (based on battery percentages) to include forced braking at certain points.