Christmas Stereotypes

Published 2017-12-11
Christmas Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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All Comments (21)
  • Sebastian Miles
    It’s a tradition to watch this masterpiece every year
  • JakeyboyOG3
    Mad respect to Tyler for not breaking the nativity set ✊
  • Ellie Chapman
    The rage monster part had me laughing my eyes off 😂😂😂😂😂
  • GeneralDuck7
    I love how Ty explaining the biblical aspects of the Jesus Manger setup cured his rage for a second there! 😂
  • Lynn Pines
    7:19 I don’t think many Texans are gonna have that type of Christmas this year.
  • Volumetrick
    The rage monster stereotype is always hilarious
  • StudentOogway
    It must be so fun to get to do the rage monster😂
  • Tate Paup
    Once again back for Christmas 5 years in a row
  • Hyper7062
    Bro really RKO the Christmas tree 😂
  • Sawyer Gold
    This is one of my favorites, underrated video
  • Carters Games
    Pov: its december so your coming to watch christmas stereotypes again.
  • Jake West
    watch through most of the stereotypes every once and awhile... never gets old
  • Sarah Boudreau
    Tyler is getting coal for Christmas from all of his rage monsters
  • PilotGrapefruit
    Once again, coming back to this masterpiece every year around Christmas
  • Ricky Jaimes
    Christmas is almost here five days until Christmas. I’m gonna watch this video again.
  • Keira
    5 YEARS AGO? I remember being so excited when this came out
  • Whenever I see Cody and Tyler in a scene, I always expect the Rage Monster. Always. ALWAYS.
  • Monte Babb
    Christmas Stereotypes
    0:00 The Early Riser
    0:20 The Matching PJ Portrait
    0:31 The Scary Santa
    0:52 Duplicate Dave
    1:13 Slow Openers | Chaos Openers
    1:33 Some Assembly Required
    1:52 The Present Peeker
    2:12 Trash Dad
    2:26 Last Minute Shopper | The Gift Card Guy
    2:48 Puppy Surprise
    3:14 The Transition Year
    3:39 The Pocket Knife Situation
    3:49 Game Night | The Rage Monster
    5:18 No Name Tag
    5:47 Pinterest Cookie Fail
    6:11 Who Does This Actually Happen To, Because We'd Love To Be Invited Next Year
    6:31 Tree Police
    6:54 Mr. Treat Yourself
    7:16 Texas Christmas
    7:32 Over The Top Christmas Lights