Clxs × ¿ wh×t/d^/f×¢k/d!d/¥u/th×πk™ ? || Prod × Simmi-OHH × Rebound || 2021

Published 2021-05-12
Produced by Simmi-OH x Rebound

..what the fuck did you think don't blink you might not see me again
Weren't there when I was broke thats when I learned I need no friend
Cut bitch off. Split. End. Not before I give her
Dick. Dip. Then go fuck on that bitch friend

Caught me lacking won't happen again. Carry it on me since then
Permanently. made a point to ball holding on a ballpoint
Pen like a bic I'ma spark fire at your head
If I smile must be good news like I learned a foe is-

Dead. Formulate my plan no high five got the upper
Hand told her I'm the Truth hard to swallow like a cup of
Sand if you win you will not keep it up. like old
Man. No. wonderland I go hard and cialis (see Alice)

Ten toes down keep balance went to the bank with my
Talents got zeroes at the end of my bank balance yeah
I'm king to be my queen must. clean my palace
Check engine light you are not driven you need a mechanic-

See my face don't panic you won't understand me I said
When She give brain. Too much knowledge. had to cram it
Not easy taking over the planet best believe I plan to
Open a can of whip ass on you. if you do not can it

Show up like a blind date leave with your heart. No romantic
This wave. From the underground discovered atlantis
In the pursuit of money only hard work increases chances
Bitch bad best. wear. condom better you don't not chance it

Drop you first. Followed by. Those around you domino effect
Choke your neck no heir to my throne he has
Not been born nor chosen yet the stand alone. only
Vet you're not high more like a hijacker inside a stolen

Jet do you even know where you're going bet I took the
Wheel ice cube I be tripping when they ask are we there
Yet she's a keeper if. She goes down on me when I'm up
Set Leave your soul in limbo hold a long stick. How low can you Get ?!

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