Deer Shot Placement | Where To Aim For Broadside, Quartering & Elevated Shots

Published 2020-10-08
Shot placement on a whitetail deer can make the difference in a good clean ethical harvest or wounding a deer and potentially losing it. What a lot of hunters don't study up on is deer anatomy to know exactly where to place a shot in different scenarios. QDMA Director Of Conservation Kip Adams uses a 3D anatomically correct form of a whitetail deer's vitals to walk you through broadside, quartering and elevated shots for proper placements on deer.

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  • @willbiggers5566
    Every hunter should watch this at least once a year right before their season. Could be the difference between 40 yard blood trail and losing the animal
  • @HardRockMiner
    Shot my biggest buck last year and used a video like this to practice shot placement. I knew it was a good shot when I saw it hit. He walked 15' and fell over. When I got him broken down and finally got to his heart, it was proud to see that my arrow went straight thru the middle of his heart. Videos like this are invaluable to a good hunter.
  • @blaws6684
    The lethal vitals in an average whitetail is the size of a soccer ball. If you place your shot anywhere that will “deflate that ball” you will harvest that deer. This concept falls in line well with this video. I’ve taught both for 25 years with much satisfaction. No one ever complained afterwards.

    Remember to think in 3D no matter what angle presents. But avoid frontal shots for obvious reasons. .
  • @N8mont4
    I practice a lot with my bow to make quick kills. Out of 6 deer ive shot, 3 have been right through the heart. Always amazes me how far they run with no heart. Incredible.
  • @VilRuS
    This is a great video. I remember a few years ago when I made the decision to research the anatomy of deer and being surprised at how it was different than I thought. It made me a better, more ethical hunter. And thank you so much for going over shot angles. I’m amazed sometimes at how many archers do not understand compensating for the angle that the deer is standing.
  • @jimdrechsel3611
    Been hunting and processing my own deer but never paid attention to the leg bone angling forward exposing the heart. This explains a few that got away over the years and two I dropped instantly with a gun. I have had deer get back up after shooting where I was taught years ago behind the shoulder. Thank you.
  • @avehdz001
    Thank you for the diagram on deer anatomy! It was very helpful on learning where to properly shoot! I got my first deer yesterday & knicked the heart & lungs.
  • I’m not going to lie, at first I was like “I know where to shoot a deer”. Now I’m glad I clicked on it because it was a really helpful video
  • @garyaustin7846
    Fantastic demonstration and guidance for aiming. I shot a doe tonight from a tree stand and intentionally shot higher along a line straight up from the front legs. The arrow went through the heart, meaning the deer did not suffer unnecessarily, did not run far, and bled out properly. Thanks Mathews!
  • @little1942
    Excellent video! I’ve always known “where” to aim for and why, but I had no idea how long the spinal projections are! It’s really helpful to have that visual of the anatomy of deer when hunting. I’ll be keeping it mind this season. Thank you!
  • I’m a new bowhunter and have read a lot of articles and watched a lot of videos on where to shoot and this is by far the most helpful resource I’ve found. Thank you so much for this video. I feel much more confident now.
  • @dfleury8893
    I liver shot my first 3 deer trying to go behind the shoulder. My father told me to follow the front leg straight up and since then I've made perfect shots every time. I've also found that it makes shooting in low light much easier when the deer starts Blending in with its surroundings.
  • Hunting for the first time this fall and this video has been very informative. Thank you!
  • I shot my first buck yesterday in that spot and he didn’t go 10 yards. This info helps me understand where everything is at
  • African hunters and guides have been saying this for centuries about African antelope “straight up the front leg, centre of body”, I’ve always wondered how Cervidae had a heart rear of the “elbow crease” now I finally know that was never the case thank you this is very informative.
  • @footlongmelman
    Best demonstration I’ve seen. Very helpful to new and seasons hunters
  • Very educational video, perfect demonstrations! Always knew to aim a little high in a stand and a little further back when there quartering away but this really shows exactly where and why with a good demonstration
  • @chrisboyd1408
    Thank you very much for posting this excellent video. This should be required as an annual refresher for all deer hunters. We should never be too prideful to learn more and refresh our memory and techniques.
  • I watched this video right before my first bow season opened this year and fully attribute my success to it. I would have shot too far forward otherwise. Instead I had a 22yrd shot quartering away right to left. Clean double lung shot, he ran 30ft and was done. Thank you for the great content.
  • @buckscorner3017
    I'm hoping to get out for my very first season this year. Thank you so much for having these videos. Sure, my friends who've hunted for years say "Just hit it here." But to visually see the angle of approach makes me very grateful. Thank you so much!