Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Published 2021-09-22
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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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  • PoliShane
    Remember: electric cars aren't here to save the planet, they're here to save the car industry
  • A&A Review
    Being an Environmental Studies major. This video hits the nail on the head. Literally everything talked about is something I have covered in my classes and my own research. Climate change isn't just one issue in its own. It has many categories but all leading to the same problem. Seems easy on paper but in reality it's another story. I don't believe that society will be able to solve these issues within the next hundred years. Yes we are trying but like the video said. It's complicated.
  • HueyBot
    This is the type of stuff I wish we'd had in school instead of the government sponsored infomercials about buzz topics that we were shown. This is one of the best subs I've ever given on YouTube, and I will direct anyone and everyone to this channel that I think will appreciate the content.
  • Fiona Redfern
    Awesome video.
    Someone Pointed out to me that even if we did all turn to being vegitarians, then we'd unfortunately be the ones causing methane emmissions.
    But, I guess there is a solution to this giant mess that we just don't see yet as a collective.
  • Chrille Munoz
    man I was scared to watch this video for the climate-anxiety I thought I'd get. But after spending a lot of time internet-researching the subject, this video neatly summarizes what it took me months, years to understand. The idea that as an average "rich-middle-class" person my best bet is to vote for law reforms and vote with money for better, or less, is monumental. Thanks for making a great video I now can share with people that haven't gotten the message yet!
  • Sarah
    I think a lot of issues can be solved by spreading awareness about the inner works of each issue to general public, which Kurzgesagt is doing awesomely
  • I work in the concrete repair industry in the DC metro area and one of the things that DC has implemented is a requirement that 50% of all concrete waste from demolition is recycled. At first we thought this was going to be a huge financial impact but it turned out to be cheaper to recycle rather than send it as trash. Now we recycle more than our minimum because it’s cheaper to do so. Incentivizing really does work!

    Edit: I forgot to clarify, DC subsidizes the recycling of concrete to incentivize companies to use the service more than required and is part of the reason why it ended up being cheaper.
  • Monroe Robbins
    4:32 that also reminds me of the single use plastic debate: a lot of people and policy actors argue for phasing out single use plastics; but a problem is that a lot of single use plastics are either industrial or medical. The medical field needs single use plastics; they’re sterile and in multitudes, which is helpful for the medical fields.
  • Jose Arcas
    I would never understand why aren't we doing the only thing that we actually know it's useful: massive reforestation. It's cheap, it captures CO2 but the most important thing it's that mitigate many of the climate change effects. Having extense forest where nowadays we have arid soils helps to regulate the water cycle (smaller floods, shorter drought periods), also helps to have more biodiversity and therefore protection against plagues and diseases. And for an economical point of view, for a small budget, you can create thousands of jobs on places that are being abandoned due to desertification or rural exodus.
    We are used to see billionaires talking about terraforming Mars but c'mon, we have to start thinking about terraforming earth!!!
  • frenchkjfan9
    Wow, I really want to thank you, Kurzgesagt, for that realistic and inspiring video. You don't try to simplify the issue, it's even the opposite. But precisely thanks to that, once we understand the complexity of the problem/tragedy, we can start having a real discussion. I'm going to share this right away !
  • Vatsal Sethi
    This really really needs to reach a larger audience.
    You guys have managed to cover the real whole picture, and provide meaningful and practical insights. Keep up the great work!
  • Dank L0rdzzz
    This is a video that actually talks about the problem, not like these other videos that just say change to electric and throw away your petrol
  • Creeper 2545
    Kurzgesagt: "we need to vote for the right person and hold politicians accountable"
    Me: We are doomed.
  • Asusena Vasquez
    This is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed thank you for spreading awareness. I feel like studying environmental problems like climate change and figuring out solutions is something I want to do as a career but we can all do our part to help decrease rapid climate change right now, great video!
  • StickyPickle 165
    I’m about to put this whole thing on an essay 👏🏾👍🏾
  • Corinne Betsch
    Great video as always. So disappointed to find my efforts as an individual do not amount to much but I'm hopeful as a collective we can somehow slow it down. Politicians bring snowballs on the house floor (Inhofe 2015) in a lame attempt to deny the obvious yet enough people believe him and he's still in office. He is one of many. The videos you produce regarding the environment are so informative, I will share with anyone who will listen and vote for those who take climate change seriously.
  • Kirashimu Reiyomi
    Due to just this video alone im trying to workout how i myself could gather a community of supportive and like-minded people to help fix all these issues
  • Earth
    Some people are just those type of teammates in games that does nothing until were about to lose and blames you that you didnt do anything
  • juan constenla
    Damn, you could feel how even kurzgesagt team was a little depressed about the individual responsibilities
    Don't worry guys I trust you that your doing your part