The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig

Published 2011-04-12
The second annual God Debate features atheist neuroscientist Sam Harris and Evangelical Christian apologist William Lane Craig as they debate the topic: "Is Good From God?" The debate was sponsored in large part by the Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters: The Henkels Lecturer Series, The Center for Philosophy of Religion and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.

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  • Love_Is_Sacrifice
    I'm glad that there are atheists and theists alike who are willing to entertaining an opinion without accepting it. This seems like a rare thing nowadays.
  • MrFTBL2000
    Take a shot every time Craig says “objective moral values”
  • Wacklewis
    1:22:46 “We have hit philosophical bedrock with the shovel of a stupid question” 😂 absolutely brilliant
  • DarthSlobbius
    I would love to see a backwards debate: each person swaps ideas and spends months doing deep research into all the problems of their assigned argument, but must defend that belief as though they do, in fact believe in it. In a certain section of the debate, any holes presented in the theory will be attempted to be explained by the native believer.

    I’m sure something like this exists already, but I don’t know the name. Feel free to laugh at me, I knew it would come :)
  • Frank Sears
    The high point of the entire debate was the guy in the audience asking the question about homosexual lovemaking. I almost couldn’t stop laughing—nearly split a gut
  • Degjoy
    10 years on and you can really see how the conversation has moved on. Thank you for the discussions that have led us to learning <3
  • Dustin Harding
    This was a dope debate. I actually stayed thinking more in depth ab morality from a Christians sta doing which I've never done. And thank God harris picked it up in his first 12 min rebuttal
  • I M
    It takes balls to admit that we are on our own and only we can help ourselves.
  • BeaM
    I fall asleep listening to a video. Awakening to this, randomly. And started ĺaughing real hard. That was so good after 3 years with mandatory Covid confusion and 5 weeks of war crimes in Ukraina. Thanks for thinking. AND talking. Hahahaha
  • 22yomale
    To define “god,” by what he has the ability to do, when there are actions that you claim to know that he won’t do(die, end heaven, end hell, switch who goes to heaven and hell, lose knowledge, exedra), is to define him by what you imagine that he would do in made up scenarios. But, there is no such thing as the consequences of an imaginary situation. Only real situations have real consequences. Imaginary situations can only have imaginary consequences.
  • Amy York
    The thumbs-up from Harris at the guy who posed the question at 1:50 was GOLD
  • GetMeThere1
    Kudos to U. of Notre Dame for keeping comments open on this excellent debate. There are other, similar debates held at lesser institutions to be found on youtube, where comments have been closed.
  • Peter Crounse
    Craig going through the etymological differences for "good and bad" was pretty funny, but when he got to "That's a good way to get yourself killed." I lost it. In fact, I'm still laughing. I'm such a nerd for semantics.
  • Naas du Plessis
    My favourite participants in this debate were the pedantic moderator and his beloved time keeper.
  • Cave paintings in France, Indonesia and Australia are fascinating historical records of early humans. The often depict hunting scenes where those humans collectively chase herds of deer, pigs, etc. Somewhere in their development, they discovered that working together maximizes the reward, i.e. the ability to kill and produce more food for their community. One can then work backwards with further extrapolation and note that those early humans discovered that living collectively also maximized their condition. These developments were good for the individual and the community. Important to the discussion, this occurred before organized religion and according to Dr. Craig also occurred in a godless "moral vacuum".
  • Sid Tom
    Everyone's talking about the debate skills between the two, but I'm just seeing the age difference between these two, both physically and environmentally. Harris has all his stuff saved on files on his cute Macbook, and Craig has sheets on sheets on sheets lol.
  • Fred O'Donnell
    To admit that he has undergone moral growth is to say that there is no bar, no objectives, just increased understanding through living life and appreciating the nuances that exist and the subjective nature of good and bad
  • Jupiter
    "I will keep this short" - > Proceeds to tell complete story of his childhood.