Gorillaz Origin Story: How 2-D Met Murdoc

Published 2017-04-15
The story of how Gorillaz formed, specifically how 2-D and Murdoc met. Explains how 2-D got his name and his black eyes.

English subtitles available

Art from "Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre", page 19-22
Audio from "iTunes Session: Track 9. Interview"(2010) and "Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre, Audiobook" (2006)

(many video's similar to this one exist, I aimed to make the most clear one possible. I apologize for the pixelated quality. If anybody has a higher resolution scan of the storyboard's, I will gladly remake)

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  • If they ever make the Gorillaz a show on Netflix or something of the sort I want them to begin the series with origin stories of each character gradually building up to the rest of the lore. And it should be a little bit of slice of life of how they interact as bandmates
  • @bai-zewarrior
    I love the fact the 2-D actually joined after all that.
  • murdoc: tall..pretty..blue spikey hair

    2D: ..no eyeballs..

    murdoc: No Eyeballs...I knew..that he HAD to be the front man
  • After all that, I'm surprised 2D is still alive and hanging out with Murdoc, a normal person would have ran away.
  • @gokdeniz9545
    Murdoc:"My sentence was to look after this silly sod."
    2-D:"I don't know what i did wrong!"
  • @dickwwee9366
    If they ever did a TV show they should do it in phase 1 art style. It's the best one honestlt
  • @jak4470
    8-ball fracture. I'm surprised 2-D can still see with those damaged eyes.
  • @mustaki7620
    2:11 omg that shot right there is sick! like on of my favorite Gorillaz drawings! the way he looks is so cool!
  • @LTM.0718
    ‘tall , pretty , blue spikey hair , no eye balls. I knew , that he had to be the frontman’ MURDOC , I LOVE YOU FOR THIS
  • Can we take the time to note that murdoc actualy called 2D "pretty"
  • @bobawithsweets
    Aw, he said he's pretty. The last nice thing 2d would ever hear from him.
  • Murdoc maimed somebody and didn't think
    A. Shit, are they alright
    B. Shit, I'm going to jail
    Or C. Shit, this is terrible
    He thought D. Shit, this is a good business opportunity.
    It's annoying how right he was to think that.
  • @xreezy3001
    I can actually imagine him turning around like a zombie in my head no wonder I saw him do that in the music video Feel Good Inc 2-D is awesome man
  • @rach3092
    ‘I don’t know what I did wrong’ omg Stuart is too fucking pure
  • You should make more of these from the Gorillaz Book. I know that would take forever to make the entire thing but it's just an idea is all
  • @angelrose_
    My question is how 2D isn’t dead and Murdoc didn’t get a single scratch on him from all these accidents