Visit Minnesota - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Minnesota

Published 2016-10-08
Visiting Minnesota on Vacation is a must do, the people are fantastic, the nature is glorious and its seriously clean! Here we go through 10 things that people not from Minnesota will find shockingly great about visiting Minnesota. So grab a juicy lucy burger or some cheese curds or some fantastic pie and tuck right in to some of the funthings that will shock tourists when they visit Minnesota.
Filmed in Duluth, Minnesota
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All Comments (20)
  • Brian C
    I saw beyond excited to see a video on Minnesota. You are definitely right about how proud we are of our state.
  • Boarahim
    Im from Germany and i want to visit Minnesota it seems to be an amazing state
  • burned water
    You can die in Minnesota two different ways. In the summer, you can die of heat stroke, and in the winter, you freeze.
  • Grace Held
    I love how when they are talking about the snow, they have in parentheses, it gets a bit chilly too. Yet a lot of the people living in Minnesota will think that -5 is chilly and mid 20s is really nice.
  • Vae
    i never knew our cities were particularly clean compared to others? i just thought this was normal? huh.
  • Max Janasz
    From a Minnesotan, I love to watch positive videos on the state! 50 thumbs up!
  • Lynn Bernhard
    Minnesota is a great place! My experience has been business related and I would say that Minnesota has many creative and ingenious folks. Full of practical and innovative ideas. A nice place to visit.
  • Great video as always guys :) Minnesota is so stunningly beautiful! Hubby and I just got back from a 5 night stay in there and it's one of our favourite places. We stayed in a cabin by the lake and the scenery was out of this world gorgeous. It's one of those places we love to go to just shut the world out for a few days because there is just so much peace and tranquility there. The Minnesota winters are freezing cold but it's still totally worth the trip 💖💖💖
  • David Jucha
    I’m only watching this cause I’m really proud of my state and I want to see what other people think of it. Also you forgot to mention that our winters last till April and the Mosquitoes are SHOCKING!
  • jums
    We really do love Minnesota. The reason we keep it so clean and safe is because we really want preserve its beauty.
  • WoodyTables
    The most important thing to know about Minnesota is at any given time, you can get all 4 seasons in a day....
  • Hey Mark, I highly suggest coming to the Pacific Northwest some time soon. Seattle and Portland are very cool cities and the Columbia River Gorge is absolutely gorgeous. The mountain ranges are very awesome as well. Also pro tip, if you want to see Portland and save money on a room, one option is to stay in Vancouver, Washington just across the river. It's 5 miles outside of downtown Portland without the downtown Portland price.
  • Jo Swanell
    I grew up in Minnesota and it's so nice to see someone state a lot of positive truths about this gorgeous state. He was dead right on with everything he reported, especially the cleaness of the state & the absolute pure beauty.
    He needs to visit Itasca at the Mississippi headwater's as well as the Boundry Waters area.
    The only thing he left out was the absolute fantastic fishing & boating. One of the top fishing state's in the country!
  • Izzy Elias
    As a Minnesotan, there has been times where I have felt very unsafe and I live in a small, rural town.
  • Ingrid Lundeen
    hi ! ive lived in Minnesota my whole life so here are some things that aren't mentioned in this video. To be honest I feel like a lot of Minnesotans are very quiet and people look down when you try to say hi. also, it can get dangerously cold here. a couple years ago it was -50F don't come in late to mid-January. also, the liquor law for Sunday isn't in place anymore. minneasota is amazing :) have a great day!
  • Bombape
    Smoked fish, really clean streets, no alchohol to buy on sundays, harsh winters, a lot of lakes... Sounds like Scandinavia to me ;) And judging by what i heard in this video, the scandinavians really put their stamp to the place :) Cheers from Sweden!
  • Rossi Gangl
    Northern MN and southern MN are night and day from each other. Here “up north” we all have the infamous accent, it’s quieter, friendlier and usually about 20 degrees colder year round. Oh and people drive below the speed limit up’s painful 😫
  • Bennett Kisla
    I'm from Illinois (Chicago suburbs specifically) and I go to school in the Twin Cities and I could not agree with you more on these shocks/facts. Love this state more than anything now!