AR15 Rifle Setup

Published 2019-05-09
Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite goes over 2 different types of AR15 rifle setup. His military setup and his civilian setup. Just like everything else... Keep it simple.

Comment below on what you would change.


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  • Eric Hyder
    This guy is actually hilarious with how serious he is. I miss stuff being this simple and straight to the point. Upmost respect to you Shawn.
  • Josh Josh
    I’ve probably watched this video 20 times. Straight gold. Every new gun owner should watch this. Educational yet hilarious seriously funny.
  • Kyle Suttle
    “Green or red what’s better? Here’s the deal, you’re over thinking it, it’s a fucking dot... you put it on the target, you pull the trigger... it gets hit.” This guy is great
  • Just Buffering
    I love how he doesn’t know who makes anything he runs and he could care less as long as he gets a good deal and it’s metal… best advice ever
  • Dismal Tyrant
    Man I love this no bullshit approach to a ar setup. People love to overcomplicate a simple thing. Thanks for your service, sir. Subbed.
  • Sean Vine
    Dude, you’re the greatest. I don’t know you personally, but you seem like a very genuine, real dude. We need more of those in today’s world.
  • GRYman AIRsoft
    I want to thank you for the way you explain things and taking the time to talk to us who aren't military. I just appreciate being safe and prepared for my family and myself and I rely on your videos a lot for verbal learning so to speak, it's just easy for me to get you. I try to catch them all and I'm just a nobody but I want you to know how important your words are to me. Thank you
  • Rww930
    Hey Shawn great video. It's good that you explain things the way you do because so many kids and goofy adults with no experience hang on your every word. You let them know when something is stupid (like playing with your safety) or pointless or dangerous. It makes me feel a little better anyway. Semper Fi and thank you for your service to the best country on earth.
  • Robert Courtney
    Love your no bs approach to setting up your combat carbine. Definitely helped me a few years back when updating my old school 2006 “M4” variant to something modern and practical. Just found myself watching this again because it’s still great! Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do!
  • PrettyNormalGuy
    You inspired my HD build, Shawn. I appreciate you, brother. I’m basically running the same thing right now just as a “pistol.”

    DD mk18.
    Fixed irons.
    Surefire light.
    Single/Double point sling.
    Surefire suppressor.
  • Robert Loomis
    You’re a straight up real person ! Thank you very much for you service !🇺🇸
  • Joe Cascio
    I’m signing up for a training class with Shawn. It’s meat and potatoes, just the way it needs to be. No bull shit just facts that work. I’m 59 and been through my share of encounters. I need to polish some of the rust off because my wife and I are planning on moving to Tennessee where we can have some freedom, space and acreage. 911 will be me. Can’t wait to breathe the good ole mountain air and ride some horses.
  • Danyo6809
    I miss everything in life being explained as effectively and plainly as this.
  • David
    Obviously the voice of experience! Direct, real, hilarious presentation. Best rig setup video ever!
  • Aj Tao
    3:32 Such an important little tip Shawn said here that will improve your aiming speed and accuracy, which I use one of those circular furniture felt pad on my rifles because the felt adds an unique texture layer to help your cheek area sense it faster.
  • I like this dudes videos. He seems like a straightforward no BS kinda guy. Respect and thank you for all your sacrifices.
  • As always many thanks Shawn for sharing your expertise in a relatable way. My kids, grandkids and me all sleep better at night knowing guys like you are on our side!
    One dumb question for you. Stick w .223 or is it time to move to the Creedmore? Which is better in your opinion.
    God bless you Shawn Ryan
  • pisihaus
    I’m just starting to build up my first rifle setup and this helped me a lot! Thank you for making me choose red dot compared to a green one since I’m trying to hunt some leprechauns.
  • Curt El
    I really like this guy. He’s a hard ass but for a reason. His demeanor completely changed when he was talking about modifying safeties, and I appreciate it. Subbed!