Published 2022-04-08
In This Video Segment, Keith And Jay Discuss News Of The NEW PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN And BOXSTER Going ALLL ELECTRIC ! Yep... You got it! Porsche Announced The Upcoming EV Lineup For 2025 and their commitment to Their Decarbonization Goals Which Include 50 Percent Of Their Annual Sales To Be Represented By Hybrids And ALL ELECTRIC Cars By 2025 and 80 Percent Will Be ALL ELECTRIC Alone by 2030. So...If You Are Looking For A Combustion Engine Version...You Better Get Yours NOW!! We Also Get A Glimpse Of The 2025 Porsche Mission R Concept Which Was Based On The Cayman Chassis However The 2025 Production Car Will Be It's Own All NEW Development And WILL NOT Carry Over Anything From It's ICE Predecessor.

Is This RISKY BUSINESS For PORSCHE ?? Is There No Substitute?? Leave A Comment !!

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All Comments (6)
  • Omg the sound is everything… the revs are best part…..nooooo Porsche of not ruin my fav car
  • @trance9158
    Wow...finally something I can agree with 100% in regards to Porsche and it's future goals and direction.
    Also living in GM country aka Lansing Michigan area I get a kick out of the isuzu comment. I can just imagine the fits GM fanboys are having.
    Great video. Go Porsche!!
  • @TheNalimo
    "We like cars that go fast". Its because you're american ;-) For us in Europe, a car is MUCH more than how fast a car goes. Its the same reason you americans are all about sugar, fat and big portioned servings. We're all different, but there's a dimension in culture/taste that Americans are just not in touch with. And it's not about snobishness/money - even the poorest Europeans are in touch with this dimension.
  • @eurly93
    Here's the thing. Cayman / Boxster have ALWAYS been considered 'not a real Porsche' by Porsche enthusiasts because 1. They are cheap and 2. They are SLOW. They have always existed purely to be discount 911's for those who can't afford the big dog. But here's the thing, no Porsche fanatic wants to live in a world without an IC 911. If Porsche goes full EV on Boxster / Cayman, it will allow them to be fast AND actually be so different from a 911 that there is a reason to buy them besides being too poor to afford 911 while also preserving the IC 911 for longer.