Cozy Winter Season Ambience · Art Screensaver for Your TV — 4k UHD 2-hours Vintage Paintings

Published 2022-12-03
Let's celebrate the winter season with these seven masterpieces! Sit down, relax and let yourself be transported into the universe of those great artists. What better way to create a cozy atmosphere while drinking your morning coffee?

I remastered all the high-quality prints to provide you with beautiful imagery in 4k UHD to stream on your TV.

Enjoy this 2-hour-long vintage art screensaver gallery!
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00:00 - Winter Sunset - Boris Vasilievich Bessonov
20:00 - Winter Sunset - Julius Sergius Klever
40:00 - A Sunny Winter Day with a View of the Dolomites - Toni Haller 
1:00:00 - Winter - Emile Claus
1:20:00 - Winter Landscape - Karl Nordström
1:40:00 - Winter landscape - Józef Rapacki
2:00:00 - Stand Of Birch Trees In Winter - John Leslie Breck

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