Bitter TRUTH about “wealthy” foreigners in Singapore

Published 2023-05-30
Meet Ana, a professional linguist from Spain who moved to Singapore six years ago. In our conversation, we dived into stereotypes about "wealthy" foreigners, the rising cost of living in Singapore, and the unique beauty of Singlish. Enjoy!

Ana on LinkedIn:

00:00 INTRO
00:20 Cost of living in Singapore in 2023
02:30 "Wealthy" foreigners
03:57 How Singapore changed Ana
07:33 Deep dive into Singlish
12:51 Blitz poll

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All Comments (21)
  • @clarencelai4143
    “All the Singaporeans I know own a car.” It’s the same analogy that “all the foreigners I know are wealthy in Singapore” 😅
  • @ktc128
    Anna is so real, love watching her interview. Tks Max ☺️
  • @AndorranStairway
    I really like Ana. She makes some excellent observations about Singapore, but above all, she is also very understanding and accepting of different cultures. She is absolutely right that a good cure to extreme nationalism and jingoism is to experience other cultures and environments, and the good thing is that a good chunk of Singaporeans are fairly well travelled, so rowdy nationalism isn't as bad here as it is in say, America. On the subject of Singaporeans being "civilised" about replying promptly to emails, I don't necessarily think it's about respect, but rather that Singaporeans do not like to waste time. Singapore is one of, if not the most efficiently run country in the world. People are accustomed to things getting done quickly. And Singaporeans are also amongst the fastest walkers in the world. This is all manifested even in language and culture, where Singlish is spoken to get straight to the point. The biggest contradiction of course, is that many Singaporeans also don't mind long queues to get their craved food! But that's the kiasu culture for you. I hope Ana and her family continues to stay in Singapore because we could really use more people like her. And yes, everyone's feeling the pain of the rising cost of living. Here's hoping it gets better in the future!
  • The truth is that neither my local nor foreigner friends have much money left over after paying monthly expenses. Local pay CPF which goes towards paying off the loan for a BTO flat, often in areas some distance away from malls etc, so you need car. Foreigners don't pay CPF but instead high rent, flight tickets home and international school tuition, and you can't save much money renting an HDB. We are all working hard, let's have some empathy and be kind to each other.
  • @Lionserious_
    I really enjoy watching your Interviews Max. Thank u
  • @mojazzz284
    I'm local and do not own a car. Be thankful that you have relatively better earnings than most Singaporeans living in public housing.
  • @leguezennecx
    Great interview and (non granted) analysis of efficiency of singapore.
  • @hemjoo
    i like Ana a lot. Her responses are honest yet never condescending. Id be sad if Singapore becomes so expensive that people like her are compelled to go elsewhere. Thanks, Max, for this video!
  • @whkoh7619
    Well, she does know the rich Singaporeans. Most Singaporeans I know (including me) do not own any car.
  • @dharmu5237
    This lady I has a lot of depth and is very nuanced. Appreciation from an Indian 🙏 I have stayed in Singapore in 2018 and really enjoyed the food there
  • @SerYang
    Such well spoken and expressed views. Impressed!
  • @shawntan2360
    I think a lot of Singaporeans don't understand the difference between an expat package foreigner (these are always sent from some multinational as part of a rotation or to handle a branch) and a foreigner who's taken up work here due to the relatively high salaries (typically this is the sort who then talks about PR). In the general "west", This would be considered to be an immigrant. One reason, particularly why Singaporeans think expats are drawing ridiculous salaries is because this was true in the past. Every Caucasian (white) foreigner really was on an expat package. And they were always from Western Europe, the US or Australia. This isnt true today. While they're "white", Spanish and Portuguese economies have not been able to sustain high salaries. For them, their golden age has long passed in the 18th century. And you'd be aware of the salaries in Russia and Eastern Europe which are incomparable to those in Central and Western Europe. Its just that the locals aren't aware.
    Very much appreciated on the part you voiced out about ‘using English with service staff’
  • @mamborambo
    Singapore's leadership knew from day one that its survival depends on being globalized and open to the world. Although there are anti-foreigner sentiments in the grassroot, the truth is that every job in Singapore depends on investment or trade with the outside.
  • @gohyuchen7465
    very enjoyable interview. cracked up at the 'Wednesday can!'