Twitch Chat and I invaded Europe with Artificial Intelligence

Published 2022-09-13
I've invented a new board game and it's insane.

This was streamed live on Twitch!
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All Comments (21)
  • DougDoug
    this is a new series we're calling "A.I. Invasion", I absolutely love it, new episode next week invading the USA
  • Aby Schaaf
    The fact that chat flawlessly executed a rescue of their God Emperor from hell, while Doug randomly was unable to ally with the Netherlands because the king was gay has me dying
  • the chat, after losing the pope many times, decided to abandon the light and embrace the dark
  • ronger97
    "Okay that is a new special resource: Cannons on Horses. And as a reminder the Girlboss army is currently killing the cities of France and the Pope is somewhere in the woods. I've still got Beer"

    The best out of context quote ever. of all time
  • Moonithium
    I love how Chatistan had three leaders: The Supreme Moderator, The Emperor, and The God Emperor. From what I could tell The Emperor led the armies, The Supreme Moderator controlled the country, and The God Emperor was like a holy figure.
  • DaanDanx
    I want someone to make the Luxembourg 'wrong horse' battle into an incredibly high effort animation
  • Alastex.
    I love how casually France gets absolutely demolished at any chance there is, even by their own allies
  • Twitch chat: "let's research and invent gunpowder"
  • Artan Blacknight
    12:17 the Emperor of Chatistan shows up in person and the French people realize what Chatistan truly is.

    The God Empreror was foreshadowed!
  • Alien
    lmao, that bit with the bears was insane.

    "Let's go offer an alliance of peace to the country we're already in an alliance of peace with."
    "Holy smokes, they killed ALL of our bears."
    "Oh well."
  • TonyLuvBalony
    I just love dougdoug mindlessly unifying Ireland with his chat screaming at him
  • NathanTheMan
    I like how Doug puts all the events that have happened into the AI, and when it brings them back up Doug is like, “How does it know???”
  • Jared Duncan
    I love that chat started with the Pope, a prominent religious figure, and ended with a political marriage to Satan. An absolute 180 on it all, really.
  • Narwhal Myth
    29:50 I case you couldn’t figure it out, Doug’s emperor went to chat to the president of Ireland, who then disappeared and turned into the emperor of Ireland, Doug threatened him with his sword, so with only one option, he put on a bulletproof vest and accepted his fate, just then the actual president came back and agreed to sign the treaty with dougtopia
  • As someone who's watched all 3 of the AI invasion streams let me tell yall its all downhill from here in the best way possible
  • STB4G
    AI to doug: ur weaker than Luxembourg
    AI to chat: ur Emperor is literally ultra instinct shaggy
  • Cojalo
    I love how chat randomly managed to get a giant fire breathing god empire while on the bring of losing Luxembourg. Such a classic chat move
  • WiseWolfDS
    I love how more often than not the AI just goes "You won the battle easily, just kidding, they hate your leader and you actually lost"
    Also, France should've been lost because the plaguette plan backfired and it said France was wiped out. Plus when the Girlboss Pope rebelled it said that her army took over the castle in London. So I'm pretty sure that Chatistan lost France when they took Luxembourg, and they lost Britain immediately after taking it.
  • Latska
    Twitch chat starting in Vatican City and ending with marrying Satan is such a classic Twitch chat move.