parents react to what really happened full series ( intro made by: black-roses:) mean all might au

Published 2023-05-30
flashing lights
they're reaction may be over exaggerated.
maybe cringe
+ bonus video
sorry I got lazy making this lol well hope you enjoy

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  • @PamLinebaugh42
    I absolutely love this masterpiece and both allmight and aizawa do to his own stupidity gotten just what they deserve
  • 3:36 I just love how they all are like "WHAAAT!? Why are they doing this!?" Although his mom LITERALLY DISOWNED HIM 😂 😭
  • @Rosie-ez5jy
    Who actually wants to join the lov now🖐️
  • @Tomiokasimp780
    This video was good! It was really fun to watch! 😁 I honestly wanna join the L.O.V now 😅 Keep this amazing work up!! 😁✨ I love how much effort is put into this too!! 😊👍✨
  • @randomperson5022
    If I were Deku I wouldn't have forgiven Bakougu and Todorki. They was litterly abusing him and are some of the reasons of Izukus scars. Its just my opinion.

    I know I may have spelled some words wrong but English is my 2 language so that is my excuse.

    Amazing video though! Keep up the good work
  • you didn't allow him to go home!? meanwhile bakugo getting away with everything
  • @light_demon247
    The fact that they're all happy near the end of this of them becoming villains
  • i like how izuku is letting the villains call him deku thats how you know there friends
  • @Vex._.Vixson._.
    I dont really like todobakudeku but this is making me starts to kinda like it❤😊
  • deku laughing parents smile smile smile smile smile smile sunshine sunshine
  • @cute_cats255
    Реакция просто бомба❤, можно 2 часть пожалуйста 🤗
  • @user-hu6io6cm8l
    Algo que no entendi es que izuku primero era el uke y despues el de arriba 😅😮❤❤🤨
  • @anamiranda6084
    Can you make the students react to this? PLEASEEEEEEEE I WILL LIKE ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS!!💙💙💙