Jesy Nelson - Bad Thing (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-04-14
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Artist Management | Grace Jones & YMU
Creative Commissioner | Marisa Garner

Director | Charlie Sarsfield
Prod Company | Untold Studios
Exec Producer | Mike Heath
Producer | Shaban Mansuri
Production Manager | Tilly Gerrard
Location Manager | Martin Walker

DOP | Courtney Bennett
Stead | Beau Pritchard-Jones
1st AC | Dan Deighton
2nd AC | Nicolas Di Matteo
Camera Trainee | Ruby Seresin
1st AD | Jack Green
2nd AD | Alix Williams
Runner | Bertie Newman
Runner | Jessica Matthews
Runner | Camden Roque
DiT | Nick Allsop
Key Grip | Pete Muncey
Gaffer | Krunal Saadrani
Spark | Shaun Clarke
Spark | John Joe Besagni
Spark | Kieran Nash
Spark | Dale Healy
Art Director | Elizabeth El Khadi
Art assist | Jackson Pritchard
Art Assist | Hazel Owen
Art Assist | Walid Azam
Art Assist | Kurt Lucas
Art Assist | Bracken Bollaan
Art Assist | Dan Margersion
Stylist | Natalie Wilkins
Stylist assist | Bibi Forrer
Seamstress | Su Haines
Cast Hair Stylist | Nuriye Sonmez
Hair Assist | Rose Redrup
Hair Assist | Casey Clarke
Cast Make up Artist | Anna Wild
Make up assist | Sergio Alvarez Gonzalez
Make Up Assist | Katja Duh
Make up Trainee | Gary Parr
Artist Hair Stylist | Chris Southern
Artist Makeup | Heidi North

Editor | Tom Herring

Colour House | No.8
Colourist | Alex Gregory

Movement Director | Dre Spisto
Stills Photographer | Ed Cooke
Lead Male | Sid Ellisdon
Mistress | Grace Upshall
Mobster | Neal Ward
Mobster | Dennis Chua

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All Comments (21)
  • @KiKi-qi6ek
    I wish she debuted this song, it was a better choice for her vocally and shows her actual talent.
  • the fact this flopped just shows y'all don't care about the music... just the drama and it HURTS
  • @thedcps
    What Jesy needs to do is drop a whole album and see people’s reception of her songs and take it from there
  • @user-rv7lt4yg3u
    Her vocal is so good, It's 2024 but I'm still listening. The message of the song, the melody and the voice. Pure talent
  • If she released this first before the bad boyz, then she wouldve received positive comments for her solo debut. Nonetheless, this is MAD GOOD! This is what the mixers loves about her because this showcase her voice. CONGRATS JESY!
  • @omar5518
    I kinda feel sad for her. She left the group because she got bullied online and constantly compared to the other members. After she left, she got even more bullied online.
  • this song is so emotional and meaningful. Jesy is not perfect but she doesn't deserve the hate she gets. its an amazing song with such a strong message..
  • I like how she chose a deep and personal message for this song. it's really important to spread awareness and I like how she did it by including her mothers story
  • @InfiniteJoy87
    I'm still not over for the fact that this song isn't trending to my country. It's so good and I know that someday Jesy Nelson will get her best era soon.
  • @thepopslice
    THIS!! This is how Jesy SHOULD HAVE kickstarted her career. Boyz is a great song as an album track but it sent the wrong message. This right here is classic Jesy. Soulful and from the heart. Exactly what she does best.
  • @TrueSlice
    This is her first independent song from now not being with a record label.. it goes to show you don’t need a record label to say you made it just stick to what you love eventually you’ll have a masterpiece catalog of what ever you choose to create🔥 some daily motivation for ya 💪🏽
  • @geeavin8665
    people are toxic. this song is everything. the vocals? the message behind the song? the production? everything about this song is amazing and i am quite disappointed how it’s not over million of views.
  • Adding to playlist ✅ Bopping to it every morning ✅ Watching the video like a ritual✅ Stanning Jesy it till the death of me ✅ JESY I LOVE YOU❤👑💅
  • @wonderinggayze
    Jesy its been 9 months since a drop, gurl..... why you on pause? Hustle up. We need a release!
  • @alinesilva4945
    my girl deserves the world but you are not prepared for this conversation, this song is so deep, her talent is undeniable but they always look for a way to criticize her, but she deserves all the best in this life❤❤❤❤✨♥️🔥
  • @thedcps
    BAD THING AT SIX MONTHS who’s still here? 🙇🏻🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♀️
  • @c.cain88
    She is just a gem. Hate her or not, she has talent. She has a vision. She deserves this solo career ❤
  • As a survivor of domestic violence I respect what your doing. Musics awesome as always x
  • @sundownsahara
    Bad Thing is the perfect follow up to Bad Boyz, it's continuing the story of chasing someone who's bad for you, being good to them, but only getting hurt in return.
  • I'm a bit hurt after what happened previously in the band. However, I don't want jesy to stop releasing new music. I want her to keep making music and never stop.