Twitch is Dying

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Dunce_Cap28
    The worst part about twitch ads is that, unlike tv, or YouTube, you MISS CONTENT. You're not just getting interrupted, you miss up to 3-4 minutes of context. Imagine watching TV then missing parts of the show, so yu get back from the ad break and dont know wtf is going on.
  • Twitch actually makes YouTube look like a sensible site, that is an impressive feat.
  • Matt J
    Youtube vs. Twitch is the dumbest competition between rivals ever. It's like watching two ship captains taking turns to poke holes in their own ships, while the rats scurry back and forth based on which one is the least waterlogged.
  • Silk
    We needed this video. I'm a Twitch partner and was only staying for a potential 70/30 split. This announcement was the opposite of what I wanted to hear so I think it's YouTube time :)
  • kaisa
    All YouTube needs to do is make it better to chat and easier to find streamers. That’s literally it!
  • helicas
    You know you've royally fucked up when YouTube suddenly has more consumer-friendly practices than your platform
  • I’ve never seen a company so dedicated to passive aggressively attacking their own customers, just show such open contempt for the people that make them their money.
  • dr. wolfen who
    The fact that this is on number 1 trending shows just how much youtube loves this video
  • StoneApollyon
    This is why i’m a VOD watcher and always have been. Just feels like i’m watching a longer unedited youtube video and with funny chat messages to boot.
  • Bork Bork Bork
    "Twitch chat is better than YouTube chat"
    Twitch chat is literally just people spamming the exact same things on cooldown across all Twitch channels and flooding the chat with emotes for 5 minutes every time absolutely anything happens. It's a horrible, miserable experience of hundreds of people trying to get noticed by the streamer while simultaneously being part of some hivemind.
  • Chaosentity
    It honestly feels like Twitch is trying to punish their streamer base for progressively moving onto YT Live. Like they're taking it personally and letting it ruin their business.
  • Aidan R.
    It's interesting to see how hard Twitch is trying to kill all of their business. It's actually insane. Senseless bans, cutting revenue, blatant double standards, it's nuts.
  • Kevin Hardy
    Charlie is out here publicly negotiating with Twitch while dunking on them, I love it lmao. Get that bag Charlie!!
  • Rockerguy96
    What YT needs to do in my opinion is:
    - add a "live now" section on the main page (talking browser currently) where you're shown people who are live and are either people you've subscribed to, or are people streaming similar content to what you watch (YT already has a decent enough algorithm for that)
    - also they can modify their algorithm to increase discoverability a bit by favoring smaller streamers who are streaming the content the user is interested in (let's say 50% of the recommendations are mid-to-large size streamers and the other 50% are smaller streamers). It would increase discoverability for new people, but also not neglect the larger people
    - add some kind of indicator when watching someone's videos if that person is live (small banner above the video saying "{user} is currently live! Click here to go to their stream", or an animated button in the video overlay)
    - improve the overall UI of the streams (could just base it off of Twitch's UI, they can't sue them for having a similar-looking UI as long as it's different enough)

    Then they can just sit back and watch Twitch die out while their pockets are being filled with all the old revenue Twitch was making + the revenue from new people making it on the platform + the ad revenue from more content being created on the platform. And while YT is far from being perfect in terms of moderating the community, it sure as hell is a lot better than Twitch which is straight-up biased and gives different punishments for the exact same offense to different people, which would just bring them even more interest.
  • ItsA Skullie
    The problem with twitch pushing forward this “policy” is like what Charlie said. Even from a business standpoint from the streamer’s side, if they’re pass that 100k threshold, it is just detrimental to have the contract with twitch. It would be better to just have the normal 50/50 contract and stream on both twitch or youtube, or even switching to exclusively youtube if that is better.
  • Nilheim
    If twitch actually died as a platform imagine how many big streamers would fall off because they’re not creative enough to make interesting youtube videos or be interesting to watch on youtube.
  • This is literally just the unimaginable, unstoppable, incomprehensible greed of Amazon taking its toll on Twitch.
  • Eitan Neugut
    Wow there are so many plot twists in this Twitch saga... Can't wait to see how the writers tie this back to the anal beads subplot
  • Can we acknowledge how good Charlie is at making analogies. "a man who came home early from work who found his wife cheating on him, i was devastated". How am I supposed to feel this pain tho.... forever lonely