Post-pandemic Classroom and Learners: Transformations and Innovations

Published 2022-06-25
Note that the evaluation is only open until Wednesday (June 29) at 8:00 PM


Some of us are either just ending our school year or already starting a new school, regardless of where you are right now we are all confronted with new challenges after being online for two years. Our June series will all be about preparing to face this new shift in education.

Our fourth session for our June series will focus on transformations and innovations in the classroom and with the learners as brought by the pandemic school years.

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  • M.A. Abigan
    Done watching... Hope the evaluation for the June series will be opened again .. I've missed most of the sched webinars... thank you KTS!
  • Hung Nguyen
    You deserve youtube award of the year. TNice tutorials video truly nails it! Very well explained... The way you cut the bullsNice tutorialt and get straight to it..
  • sheng ding
    I just wanna learn even more now- it looks so cool o.O
    Maraming salamat po for this webinar,team reply po.
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  • John Au
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