Fear the Furry

Published 2022-11-22

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  • @kronkrian100
    For those confused what the Apothecary is holding in his hand at the end, that's the gene-seed of the dead marine. It's essentially what allows a normal human to transform into a Space Marine. When a Space Marine dies, that seed is extracted from them in order to be used again in the future creation of Space Marines. The seed is a very rare commodity and indescribably precious to their respective chapters. The horror of that scene is the fact that the furry disease has corrupted it.
  • @kolpere1625
    Started as a joke, ended like another nightmarish event our space marine has to face.
  • @sethcolten2041
    I unironically wish that Flashgitz was producing the 40K Amazon series as an animated series.
  • @lunarantic4195
    I like when the furries don't actually talk, it gives them less of a realistic feel more accurate animalistic xeno demeanor
  • @notsans9995
    I like how these animations are so good that even GW is making them put disclaimers in them to make sure people know these aren't official lore lmao
  • @oatlord
    You guys realize you're officially producing the best 40k animated content right now, right?
  • @wafflezz52
    Rewatching, I've noticed many flashes of an even darker world.
    Cinematography on point
  • @Sinvare
    If this was the vision of the future that Horus saw... his actions make sense.
  • @kyleparker7904
    So, either they want create their own God-Emperor, or worse, they want to convert the Emperor himself. Both are terrifying possibilities.
  • This was literally an Astartes level animation. Just with simpler 2D animation but still awesome. Gave off very similar vibes.
  • It's amazing how Flashgitz were able to take a concept this comedic, and gradually turn it into a compelling narrative with a serious and terrifying atmosphere.
  • @josephwinter6020
    This started as a satisfying animation and then turned into the best portrayals of Slaaneshi daemons and warp fuckery that I've seen in some time. If only Games Workshop had the balls you clearly have.
  • @skoffs
    Jebus, this was incredible. I really hope this isn't the end of the saga
  • @Iuwl
    It wasn't until a couple years ago when I realized UwU was actually a furry thing.
    God, how many times did I say it without realizing?
  • @yossome-guy3475
    I just love how the Universe of W40k is so diverse that this looks totally canon. Well, there are chapters of space marines with werewolf curse and vampire curse...
  • @echojaxx8550
    These animations alone are getting me into Warhammer 40k. Why don’t we have the Death Korps of Krieg show up?
  • @dunamisd6914
    This has gone from being something just goofy to genuinely horrifying, and cool in an intense lovecraftian sort of way