Fear the Furry

Published 2022-11-22
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Albert Hutchins
Andrew Palmer
Adam Knopow

Created by ►
Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger

Project Management ►
Redminus www.twitter.com/Redminus
BoyPorcelain www.twitter.com/OKillustrations

Animation ►
Twisted4000 twitter.com/Twisted4k
Carmet twitter.com/MikeCarmet
Glasscake twitter.com/glasscake
Super Youmna twitter.com/super_youmna
AZ twitter.com/ZoroxAnimated
TwistedGrim twitter.com/TheTwistedGrim_
Boy Porcelain www.instagram.com/olliekremer/
Holly Gee

Storyboard Art►
Boy Porcelain www.instagram.com/olliekremer/

Backgrounds ►
Naav Draws www.instagram.com/naav_draws/
Soured Apple twitter.com/SouredApple
Ikridia www.instagram.com/Ikridia
Logan Cook www.instagram.com/logan_cook_art
AJJ twitter.com/taksesal
SlagBjorn.art www.instagram.com/slagbjorn.art/
Chompolon twitter.com/chompolino
Lexivine twitter.com/lexivine
SpectralBeacon twitter.com/spectralbeacon

VO ►
Marine - Don
UWU Marine - Tom

Music ►
Zach Heyde /playlist?list=PLXtP4ANq7nIUYo6VZEEHtd8H3HP_MthUC

Sound ►
Justin Greger twitter.com/imadeasong

Compositing ►
Oddest of the Odd
James Lee

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All Comments (21)
  • Oat lord
    You guys realize you're officially producing the best 40k animated content right now, right?
  • DC Tunnell
    Ok..this is evolving from a funny animation to a dark and incredibly disturbing story. I am so invested in this.
  • I love how this started as a simple joke but now there's lore and a full blown story developing that is increasingly fitting into the war-hammer universe
  • eMBO
    We were supposed to be given a parody, but instead we got God tier animation with sick lore.
  • BearMeatTaco
    Not gonna lie, this is on par with Astartes. The vibes, the atmosphere, THE SOUNDS. Everything
  • Nick
    The entire intro gave me serious Deathwing Vibes.
    From the empty hallways that were once filled with Righteous men and Marines before to the empty rooms where Adeptus Mechanicus did their work.
  • SuperWiiBros08
    love how each new episode of the Furry Crusades keeps getting more and more serious while still having a small comedic tone
  • Masterchief
    the animation is so good and getting popular enough to warrant the obligatory "remember lads, if this video get copyrighted and taken down by games workship, it's officially canon" comment.
  • Keilink
    It always baffles me how this went from a funny little episode to such levels of quality and story telling.
    Fantastic work guys :o
  • ThatGuy Sneg
    Its insane that this started out as a joke and now has been becoming more and more interesting and badass the longer it has gone on
  • Grendel Risen
    First of all, this was absolutely just above all a god Tier post. Only you guys could take a parody of something so ridiculous and legit blend it into the Warhammer universe in such a way it could become serious lore. The way you built the suspense in this video was absolutely amazing! I would kill to be able to have an entire full length series dedicated to this! Absolutely amazing job you guys! Loved it! Beware the seductive cry of the newest god of Chaos --- Furricus. Let loose the Adeptus Astartes to cleanse this unholy taint!
  • DunamisD
    This has gone from being something just goofy to genuinely horrifying, and cool in an intense lovecraftian sort of way
  • tyler tanner
    I adore how every episode you make gets a more serious and grimdark tone and aesthetic while continuing the goofy furry shenanigans
  • Thorns
    Holy shit the artistry in this was fucking incredible guys. The scene of the apothecary quick cutting to the beautifully rendered stone statue, the wide shot of the black templars hold. Incredible stuff
  • Holy shit, that was amazing! You guys are doing a fantastic job with this series; and I always look forward to watching new episodes whenever they come out. They're the perfect mix between terrifying and hilarious; and that Templar saying "UwU" was icing on the cake! Even being a furry myself, I had a great time. Keep it going!
  • Yeest
    Complete tangent, but it's still wild how much of an impact Astartes left on the community. It's impossible not to find any fan made or official content that isn't somehow influenced in some way by what those 5 videos accomplished.
  • Geristudios
    I have to say that I was very surprised by the atmosphere I could feel from this last video. How it all started as a dirty joke and eventually developed into something serious to the point of horror atmosphere. Which fits perfectly into the 40k universe. I am very curious how it will continue. You really outdid yourself with that last video.
  • Stonie Da Bear
    No matter how much of a parody this series is, the unwavering march to complete the mission or die by a Black Templar is so in character and well represented