Pedro Pascal Cries From His Head While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Published 2023-03-09

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  • First We Feast
    Thumbs up if you want to see Baby Yoda take on the wings of death.
  • AwesomenessTV
    Let's all admit it...Pedro is the real hot one here
  • TheRealBig Mak
    "I feel like I'm finally cool to the people I care most about."

    Protect this man at all costs.
  • I think the best part about Hot Ones is that ALMOST every single episode, Sean has caught a guest off guard and made them say, "How did you find out about that"
  • Zori RaveHound
    Pedro knows he's hot, knows he's loved, but he's not egotistical about it. He's unapologetically himself. He really is a great idol for anyone trying to get into professional acting. I love when people are popular for the right reasons. Thanks for making this interview happen!
  • Dylan Harding
    I love the guests who suddenly get wise to Sean’s whole plan after Da Bomb where they realize he saved the roughest one for near last to throw them off and get some better answers/moments. It’s like they’re suddenly discovering a supervillain’s true ultimate plan right in front of him.
  • hank pank
    Pedro is quickly reaching Keanu levels of universally loved by everyone
  • Railroader98
    Legitimately one of the best interviews I have seen in this series so far. Pedro handled himself like a champion and had good answers to the questions. Legend.
  • tessa553
    this is so peaceful, not loud chaotic music just calm entertaining conversation on well researched questions. such healthy content to consume :)
  • Ryuji
    My first introduction to Pedro was Game of Thrones, then Mandalorian, then Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, then Last of Us. Hearing his natural voice has me in awe of this dude's range. What an actor!
  • Zero Is Away
    Pedro's such a likable guy. I don't know how you couldn't love him. Also props to Sean, such a fun way to do interviews.
  • Pin_Tendo64
    The “what are you doing with that” out of fear when he picked up the last dab hot sauce had me laughing so hard 😂
  • Max Fosh
    Pedro really dressed for the part, turning up as a chilli
  • Mark Elders
    I love the moment at 15:54 where Pedro realizes how silly it was to think he wouldn't get got. 😂
  • Jay Vee
    What a genuine guy! Deserves all the success he's been having lately.
  • EmiB Photography
    Sean whispering "you did so good" as everyone clapped was the most wholesome thing I've ever seen. What a precious couple of cinnamon rolls they are.
  • Pedro is pure joy snd so humble, he seems like such an incredible person to be around. I admire him so so much
  • TWIZ
    What a humble dude. It's always nice knowing some of your fav characters are played by a genuinely nice guy.
  • T.T
    Pedro Pascal is one of those actors that no one has a problem with and you only want to see succeed, no drama, no bad history, no controversies, just a pure nice guy.