Finally Played My First Mypark Game On NBA 2K24 With My Stretch Build...

Published 2023-09-16
Finally Played My First Mypark Game On NBA 2K24 With My Stretch Build...
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  • @DukeDennis864
    I got gold badges cus I was in my career scoring 100points a game before going to park. I wasn’t about to go out there with no badges when I started days late and everybody had badges already 😂😂
  • @senim7986
    It’s great to see some 2K content again from Duke 🔥🔥🔥
  • Let's just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, great respect!🙌
  • I feel so happy to see duke and davo back on doing 2k content again and
  • @T3UST2K
    Great To Have You Back Duke ❤
  • @ej4094
    Happy to see duke and Davo back on they 2k stuff 🔥🤟🏽
  • @crogysantana
    Been a minute Duke. Watching you play 2k is always 🔥🔥🔥
  • @champagneface
    Even with all the fame and fortune, he stays true to his roots💯💯respect
  • @DrPlug
  • Keep grinding bro I been locked in for a few years now congrats on the success
  • Ik to grind to max rep n stuff is a big ass commitment nowadays, but id love to see it. 2k19 was the year i found you and i loved those videos and streams so damn much. Ur vibes really take your content to the next level
  • @SGIC_BLade
    Finally my boy! Maaaan I’m 17-37 right now 😂 playing with randoms been fucking me over. I’m not even a park player but I was going to try to play it this game. I always say if I’m the best player on my team it’s problem because I’m mainly a defense player that might can knock a open 3 with a perfect pass 😂
  • Kai looks like the younger brother who always wants to watch the older brother play the game that always does so good
  • Davis was tryning so hard not to say the wrong thing😂😂
  • @rizzy4k599
    You the GoAt brodie!! Keep grinding!!! Been subbed since 2016!!! Yall inspired me g
  • @xltaken1295
    Bring back the 2k vibes my boy 😤‼️‼️
  • @vvjd3vv802
    Good shit duke. Let me run with y’all. Haven’t played much in the park but 10-0 right now