RAYMOND & RAY Trailer (2022) Ewan McGregor, Ethan Hawke

Published 2022-09-29
RAYMOND & RAY Trailer (2022) Ewan McGregor, Ethan Hawke
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  • Ok I wanna see these two on screen together in more movies. There’s something awesome and natural with them🍿
  • Wayne A. Pollock
    Hard to believe it’s taken this long for these two to be cast as brothers.
  • foreign particle
    I love modern trailers. They're so long and detailed that I don't actually have to watch the film.
  • El Rusito
    Amazing movie. A never ending difficulty of understanding between fathers and sons. Made me think about my relationship with my father. Great movie about important things. Actors play convincingly, music is good. Great drama, good music and story. A night well spent
  • Elaine Barlow
    Sophie Okonedo shows up in the places I least expect. It's always epic.
  • B Joy
    Love the trailer, pumped to see this.
  • lendondain1
    OK, this is the first trailer for a movie I'm actually interested in that I've seen in a long time.
    Wow im happy for this i'm a big fan of ethan & ewan.this looks good.i can't wait😍
  • Arina Beg
    A different story with great actors…… looks interesting
  • Rae Birdy Makes
    Love the Charles Bradley music near the end. RIP legend 💚
  • Steve Colby
    Great 👍🏻 I love both these guys & a good dramady
  • A. W.
    Ethan is also going to have a TV series with Pedro Pascal [The Mandalorian]
  • David Martin
    OMG, it’s only a trailer and I’m laughing so hard I blowing snot out of my nose.
  • B H
    This seems like it is worth checking out.
  • john Fire
    looks amazing only down side not giving apple dime of money so will wait for someone to put it somewhere else
  • Ewan looks (and sounds) like he's channelling his Danny from Doctor Sleep, and Ethan looks like he's on top of his mature game. If only it wasn't an Apple TV+ enterprise
  • onoesmurlocs
    I ain't even seen the trailer and I am all in.