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Hell to pay: Revisiting the Martensville satanic sex scandal (2003) - The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate The Fifth Estate

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Published 1 year ago

The Martensville, Sask., satanic sex scandal erupted in June 1992. Nine people, including police officers and private citizens, had been accused of bizarre satanic crimes. They were arrested and faced more than 100 charges of child sex abuse. Investigators believed it was all part of a satanic ritual. The case collapsed, however, and ultimately only one charge against a person was upheld by the courts. A decade after the satanic sex abuse panic swept the prairie town, The Fifth Estate returned to find out how things could have gone so wrong.

Originally aired: Feb. 12, 2003

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About The Fifth Estate: For four decades The Fifth Estate has been Canada's premier investigative documentary program. Hosts Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay and Mark Kelley continue a tradition of provocative and fearless journalism. The Fifth Estate brings in-depth investigations that matter to Canadians — delivering a dazzling parade of political leaders, controversial characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.
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