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Growing Indigenous Food Forests with Lilian Hill

Published 12 months ago

Indigenous farmers and their communities are on the front lines of climate change and climate chaos, facing its impacts on daily bases as they work to achieve successful growing seasons. In this webinar series, we will hear from experienced Indigenous farmers and gardeners from across Turtle Island who will share some of the strategies and land-based solutions they are practicing and preserving.

This webinar was presented by Lilian Hill. Lilian, a land steward from the Hopi Tribe, shared her experience in growing a food forest in the high desert mesas of Northern Arizona. Food forests represent ancient, perennial agricultural systems that many Indigenous societies around the world have cultivated and continue to nurture. Food forests are self-maintaining whole and inclusive, interdependent, and highly productive systems of multi-storied trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, pollinators, and roots that are fed by complex relationships cultivated by land stewards who caretake soil, water, and life.

Lilian founded the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute to support Hopi youth and community in developing skills and practical experience to encourage a new generation of Indigenous Earth Stewards that will continue to carry on traditional agriculture traditions and cultural lifeways. Lilian and her husband Jacobo caretake a 2-acre Permaculture Living Learning Site located in Kykotsmovi, AZ. Both are Certified Permaculture Designers, natural Builders, high desert farmers, rainwater harvesters, and bee-keepers. Together they strive to provide guidance and support the emergence and revitalization of Hopi foodways while building Indigenous Food Sovereignty. To learn more about Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute and Lilian's work, visit www.hopitutskwa.org.

The "Strategies for Success in the Time of Climate Change" webinar series was presented by the Traditional Native American Farmers Association and the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.
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